With a pair of scissors, a mother goat cuts open the belly of a wolf to retrieve her children. Not all are accounted for, and it’s only a matter of time before the wolf pays them another visit.

Content Warning: This short contains violence and dark subject matter.

One thought on “SATURDAY SHORT: MY LITTLE GOAT (2018)”

  1. This was an amazing short film on a highly sensitive topic. The metaphors of innocent children being sheep and the predator being a wolf deeply resonate. Lots of layers in this: the mother’s grief/denial at losing her own child and taking in another to take his place, the fear of the predator, the horror of the little boy’s father not being what he originally appears, the sheep kids bonded by fear but united in taking on evil to protect another innocent … the layers are truly remarkable. I’ve subscribed to Tomoki Misato’s YouTube channel and look forward to more of his work!

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