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In just a few hours, the telecast of the Oscars (or, as we refer to them, the “Weirdcademy Awards for squares”) will begin. We are happy to steal the Academy’s thunder by announcing cinema’s weirdest winners of 2022 now.

In the category of “Weirdest Short Film,” the winner is The Backrooms (Found Footage)… soon to be a major motion picture! (Seventeen-year-old director will be filming it over his summer break [that’s not a joke]).

In the category of “Weirdest Scene,” the Weirdcademy Award goes to Men for the scene where a man gives birth to a man who gives birth to a man.

In the category of “Weirdest Actress,” the Award goes to Everything Everywhere All at Once‘s Michelle Yeoh (who will also likely take home the Academy’s Most Conventional Actress award, joining Natalie Portman as the only actress to complete this impressive feat).


In the category of “Weirdest Actor,” the award goes to Rory Kinnear for playing the title characters in Men.

And finally, the award for Weirdest Picture of 2022 goes to… drum roll… Mad God!

Thanks to all voting members of the Weirdcademy, and see you again next year!


Late Saturday, I received sad word that our own Alfred Eaker had passed away. No further details were provided. I don’t even know his exact age; I believe he was in his early 60s.

Alfred’s contribution to this site, from almost the very beginning, was immeasurable. He was the first contributor here besides myself. Although he had scaled back his writing here to pursue other projects, he was still engaged with 366 Weird Movies; in fact, he had ambitions for a written series running through the entire video nasties list. He recorded this podcast episode with me (others were planned) a mere three weeks ago:

Alfred was the kind of guy who became famous (here) more for what he hated than for what he loved. But when he loved something—Ed Wood, or classic Westerns, or opera, or Chaplin, or Ken Russel, or Andrei Tarkovsky, or Mahler, or Picasso—his passions matched or exceeded his excoriations. Alfred’s loves were no more secrets than his hatreds. It’s just that his hatreds tended to draw more offended commenters.

Alfred Eaker as Brother Cobweb
Alfred Eaker in character as “Brother Cobweb”

For every reference to “Mango Mussolini” or such you read in Alfred’s essays, be sure I edited out at least one other. But although I didn’t always agree with whatever outrageously elaborate insult Alfred drifted into whenever he sensed the presence of Trumpists, evangelicals, or assorted “constipated critics,” I let him say it, because it came from the heart. Alfred annoyed a lot of readers, and admittedly he earned the site a hearty handful of hate-clicks, but whatever broadsides he launched were aimed at what he honestly viewed as cultural threats.

Over the weekend, I culled through hundreds of pages of Alfred’s writing to select a few of my favorite gems below. (If printed, Alfred’s contributions to the site would take up several volumes on a 366 bookshelf). This is, I think, the best tribute I could give him: to let him speak in his own words. Please enjoy.

“I rarely set out to push people’s buttons. I just don’t give a hoot or a holler if I do, and I believe it’s an artist’s ethical responsibility to have the balls to write without inhibition and to always take an attitude of saying to hell with the status quo (and everything has the potential to develop its own status quo, even weird movie aficionados).”–Alfred Eaker on a decade of writing for 366 Weird Movies

“… essentially a 21st century update of Animal House… a bodiless set of redneck testicles.”–Alfred on Avengers: Infinity War

“When I saw that 366 Weird Movies’ readers had topped themselves in sadism with this year’s summer blockbuster picks (a video game, a Disney, AND a comic book movie) you can understand why I, Continue reading R.I.P. ALFRED EAKER


It’s time for the 2022 edition of the Weirdcademy Awards, the premier (only) awards contest focused on weird films, chosen by weird film fans. That means shorts as well as features. We’ve collected all five nominees for 2022′s Weirdest Short of the Year together in one place, for ease of voting.  You can cast a vote for your favorite  until March 11 at 12:00 Noon EST. Choose carefully, because this year you can only vote once. Cameron Jorgensen, 366 Weird Movies under-appreciated, recently retired shorts Czar, discovered and selected these unusual films through his own research. This year’s slate includes 90s horror videogame parodies, Bangladeshi vampires, killer cassette tapes, creepy robots, and piping hot tea.

You can watch all the nominees in full below before voting (shorts may contain strong language, animated gore, and/or crude humor):

“The Backrooms (Found Footage)” by

“Chloe Cherry Likes Her Men Like Her Tea” by

“Earworm” by

“GHOSTBLEEED: The Bio Horror” by

“Moshari” by


The Online Film Critics Society awards for 2022 are in the books. As expected, Everything Everywhere all at Once fared well—in fact, better than expected (and maybe better than even I thought it deserved). No other films of weird bent received much notice at all. Still, overall I think we got it right this year: two films (Everything Everywhere and Banshees of Inisherin) stand far above all the others, and deservedly dominate the awards.

As always, despite the occasional levity in my tone, I take my voting responsibility seriously. I do not put forward weird films at the expense of worthier mainstream candidates just because it’s “my thing.” Here is the list of this year’s winners, along with my choices and a touch of personal commentary for the major categories.

This post was written before the 2022 Academy Awards nominations were announced, but the slates turned out to be similar enough that this can also serve as an Oscar preview.


Poster for Everything Everywhere All at Once Winner: Everything Everywhere All at Once

Also nominated (listed ranked in order of votes): The Banshees of Inisherin, Tár, The Fabelmans, Nope, RRR, Top Gun: Maverick, Aftersun, Women Talking, EO

My vote: Everything Everywhere All at Once

Comments: An easy choice here. What surprises is that mainstream audiences and critics like Everything every bit as much as those who crave strange fare. We might worry about the cosmic implications of the collision of the weird cineverse and the mainstream cineverse: will they annihilate each other? Is it a sign of the End Times? Coincidentally, the movies finished in the voting in almost exactly the same order I would have ranked them.


Winner: Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio

Also nominated: Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, Turning Red

My vote: Marcel the Shell with Shoes On

Comments: I have no issue with ‘s antifa take on Pinocchio winning this award. I, however, found Marcel an unexpected, charming surprise. The fact that ‘s life’s work, Mad God, did not get any love was a huge disappointment. I also thought Inu-Oh had a legitimate shot at a nomination.


Winner: Daniel Kwan, Daniel Scheinert – Everything Everywhere All at Once

Also nominated: Todd Field – Tár, The Banshees of Inisherin, Steven Spielberg – The Fabelmans, Charlotte Wells – Aftersun

My vote: Martin McDonagh

Comments: Fair enough. I thought I’d try the old trick of splitting Continue reading ONLINE FILM CRITICS SOCIETY 26TH ANNUAL AWARDS (WITH OUR VOTES)