A list of all the restaurant recommendations from our interviews.

Auckland, New Zealand: Mega Time Squad‘s recommends Farina.

Bailey Island, ME: Director (Swallowed) recommends “a fabulous new restaurant that just opened up this year [2020] called Sundrenched. There’s a famous restaurant there—Cook’s Lobster House—but I much prefer Sundrenched.

Boulder, CO: Director and writer (Cam) recommend Bramble & Hare (where the movie was conceived) and the coffee shop The Trident (where the movie was written).

Bucharest, Romania: Delta Space Mission‘s recommends “for young people, Curtea Veche, and for those close to my age, any restaurant in Charles de Gaulle Square or Herăstrău Park.

Chicago, IL: , producer of Next Exit (2022), recommends Portillo’s Hot Dogs, which he argues “are slightly better than Home Depot.

* Ben Gojer, producer and special effects worm wrangler on All Jacked Up and Full of Worms, recommends the Chicago Diner

* Troy Lewis, editor on All Jacked Up and Full of Worms, recommends Alice & Friends’ Vegan Kitchen

Fort Frances, Ontario: Actor (The Diabetic) recommends “The Macom Inn” (which may no longer exist).

Grand Rapids, MI: Low-budget director (Buzzard, Relaxer): “Yester-Dog. The hot-dog place that American Pie called ‘Yester-Years.’ The writer from that is from Grand Rapids, so it’s all secretly taking place in Grand Rapids though they had to change the names of everything. I don’t eat meat any more, but if I do go back, if Y2K happens and I start eating meat again, I’m going to Yester-Dog.

Herndon, VA: Actress recommends Glory Days Grill.

Home Depot (multiple U.S. cities): When dining at Home Depot, All Jacked up and Full of Worms says “I really like the hot dogs… Depot Dogs are great.

Indianapolis, IN: Alfred Eaker recommends Chez Jean (“divine!”) if you have a lot to spend, and Bynum’s Steakhouse (“the best steakhouse I’ve ever been to”) if you don’t.

Madrid, Spain: Eccentric proclaims “my favorite restaurant is… my mum’s house.”

Minneapolis, MN: Chained for Life‘s recommends Al’s Breakfast.

Montpelier, France: (Vesper) recommends Le Jardin des Sens (which has, unfortunately, closed, though the twin brothers who operated it have started a new restaurant, Terminal #1).

Montreal, Quebec: The Diabetic director Mitchell Stafiej recommends the vegan restaurant Hello 123 and adds, “get the lasagna.”

New Orleans, LA: Since there are no good restaurants in New Orleans, director Joe Badon recommends you try the Chantilly  Cake at Bywater Bakery .

Ottawa, Ontario: Actor (The Diabetic) recommends House of TARG.

Piermont, NY: Actor  (Cam) recommends Divine Wine Bar.

South Lake, TX: All Jacked Up and Full of Worms‘ Ben Gojer (see also: Chicago) recommends Johnny B’s Burgers.

Thames, New Zealand: Tim Van Dammen (see also: Auckland) says “If you go to Thames, I would recommend getting some fish and chips somewhere.

Tokyo, Japan: Tokyo Gore Police‘s recommends “Kanda Kikanbo. This is the best ramen. It’s very good.

Topanga Canyon, CA: Director (Next Exit) can’t recommend any restaurants, but: “I will say, at the [Topanga Creek] General Store there’s a mini-carrot cake that you could get that’s always by the register that I would always try to steal.”

Troy, NY: When dining in Troy, 366 scribe Giles Edwards recommends Jack’s Hamburger Stand (seasonal; try the steamed hams) or Brown’s Brewing Company.

Vilnius, Lithuania: recommends the wild boar at Lokys.

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