Here is our collection of short films and TV show reviews; most of these are embedded and viewable on this site.


01/26/1995 (2008) – An episode from a series called “Lasagna Cat” based on the comic strip “Garfield”; here, the grumpy cat has too much coffee, which has a psychedelic effect on his visage

05/16/1987 (2008) – Another “Lasagna Cat” installment; in this one, Garfield becomes a Christ figure to the strains of “Suicide is Painless”

100 Years (2015) – Nightmarish animated remembrance of the Armenian genocide

1982 (2013) – Faced with a son who’s afraid of the dark, a father recalls his own childhood in this touching memory piece

20015 (1994) – Fairly successful attempt to recreate an LSD trip on a low budget

21-87 (1964) – Experimental montage using discarded film footage

48H (2019) – A disoriented boy is interrogated by police and accused of being on drugs

8-Bit Trip (2009) – Some of the most spectacular Legomation we’ve ever seen, accompanied by techno music

8 Bullets (2014) – A father reaches for his opportunity at revenge on a man that smells of fried fish

The Absence of Eddy Table (2016) – Eddy Table’s curiosity leads him to a stranger with teeth on the back of her head

The Adventures of Mr. Coo #4 (2007) – Seeing the previous three episodes will not help you make sense of this surreal flash animation

A.I. Generated Christmas Carol (2020) –  Artificial intelligence has trouble distinguishing between the religious and secular aspects of the holiday

The Alchemy of Light (2012) – Performance art demonstration of projection mapping, a method of panting with light on three dimensional surfaces

Aldo (2021) – A simple act weighs on a man’s conscience

Alice in Wonderland (1903) – 8 of 12 minutes survive from the first ever adaptation of ‘s seminal classic

Allen Anders: Live at the Comedy Castle (2018) – Allen Anders delivers a comedy routine that will either have you laughing along, or running for the fire exit to safety

Alma (2009) – Pixar-style animation about a little girl who sees a doll in a toy shop that looks just like her

Alyssa Learns to Drive (2022) – After an unfortunate knife-testing accident, Sandy and Mitra urgently need a ride to the hospital

The Amazing Adventures of Not so Special People from Outer Space (2018) – Professor Stick, LP, and Alien-Girl help move a giant cow out of the way of a banana canoe in this parody of 70’s cartoons

Am I Awake? (2014) – The judges dubbed this surreal animation, one of three winners for a contest to create a video to accompany They Might Be Giant’s latest single, “Murderous Puppet Typewriters”

Analog (2012) – An android tasked with guarding a lone man in hibernation on a deep-space journey takes radical steps to protect his charge

Android 207 (2006) – A skeleton android wanders in a labyrinth full of traps

And the Day Goes On (2018) – Peppy music video featuring Microsoft Paint-style animation with muzak-quality instrument samples

Angels, Devils & Dating (2012) – The Devil fights Cupid for the hand of Death in a fast-paced animation that makes little theological sense

An Animated Short Film (2007) – An intensely creative animated film with an original piano score hiding humbly behind a generic title

Anna Blume (2009) – An animated version of the Kurt Schwitters nonsense Dadaist love poem

Ant Head (2018) music video for his “Thought Gang” side project, featuring a head crawling with ants

Anthony (2014) – A chain-smoking Santa and his elf, Anthony, are the sole survivors of a sleigh crash in the middle of nowhere on Christmas Eve

Anthophobia (2015) – Flowers rise up against their oppressors

Apocalypse Miaou (2011) – Kitties, 80s style graphics and electronic music adorn this experimental advertisement for a Barcelona get-together

Appendage (2021) – A fashion designer’s insecurities take the form of a bulging, bloody appendage

The Archaeologist (2015) – A future archaeologist discovers the remnants of the Internet and psychically plugs in

The Art of Drowning (2009) – Animated poem about your life passing before your eyes at death

Asparagus (1979) – Surreal 18 minute tour de force featuring obscene iterations of the title vegetable. Included on The Films of Suzan Pitt.

Assholes (2020) – The Department of US Flora Communications tries to coax plants into talking by putting them through constant physical and psychological torture

At Land (1944) – Legendary experimental filmmaker Maya Deren’s short odyssey of a sea nymph’s unhappy visit to our dry world

Attaboy, Fraser! (2016) – Director Fraser Munden recreates a scene from Kingpin and has Donald Trump sign his hat in a short film that’s actually an advertisement for another Munden short

At the End of the Cul-de-Sac (2017) – Julian’s public mental breakdown is caught (in one continuous shot); his neighbors wait for a reason to intervene

Autumnir (2005) – Experimental, impressionistic montage of a German park in autumn

Ave Maria (2014) – Cult singer Jan Terri’s disco version of the Christmas hymn “Ave Maria” includes cigar-smoking angels who shoot pink waves of peace from their fingertips

Baaa (2011) – “Experiments in ovine geometry”

Babobilicons (1982) – Lobster-clawed coffee pots, phallic mushrooms, and ceramic fish

Baboon (2011) – Trippy, disjointed, and violent animation beginning with a blow to the face

Baby Doll Receiving an Injection Needle (2016) – A disturbing video of uncertain intent: is it an art piece, or the product of a sick mind? (Since removed from YouTube)

Baby Listens (2015) – Childhood is full of complicated feelings

Baby Thump (2021) – A couple is awakened by a strange crying noise, and debates what to do about it

The Backrooms Found Footage (2022) – A young man with a camcorder is lost, but not alone, in a seemingly endless office space

Back to the Woods (2021) – An elderly couple go out to the wilderness for one last campout in the cold, like old times

The Backwater Gospel (2011) – Strange and violent animated Western about a town haunted by a supernatural undertaker

Bad Hair (2019) – Leo resorts to a questionable cure for his baldness

Bad Vibes (2014) – Appliances misbehave with deadly results

Bad Will Hunting (2020) – A man decides to take a break from 2020’s quarantine even though Will is going to be back soon

Balloon Land (1935) – The pincushion man terrorizes a village of balloon people in this somewhat frightening cartoon

Bang, (2010) – Hunting is a metaphor for courtship in this weird romantic comedy

Baobab (2005) – Weird animation with an African edge

Be A Manwolf Today (2011?) – It’s an advertisement (?) for a motorcycle gang… or a skateboard gang… or maybe sneakers?

The Beaning (2023) – A mockumentary describing the supposed Masonic influences hidden in America’s pastime, focusing on the 1920 death of Ray Chapman from a beanball

Beast (2021) – Working on Christmas Eve while his wife and daughter are at home, Martin’s bottled up emotions about fatherhood manifest as a series of uncontrollable spasms

Beefcake (2019) – A stalker throws off the atonal music vibe at a house party by politely asking a woman if he may follow her home

Belial’s Dream (2017) – Stop-motion animator Robert Morgan imagines the dreams of Basket Case‘s Belial in this short commissioned for the Blu-ray release

The Believer’s Heaven (1977) – Rev. Ernest Pirkle [sic] explains what Heaven will be like (it’s even bigger than New York City!)

Believes in Reincarnation, Hates Hugs (2015) – Surreal animation with fantasy landscapes, aliens, and absurd captions

Belle a Croquer [Delectable You] (2017) – A gourmet cannibal is infatuated with his vegetarian neighbor, Miss Carrot

Belly (2011) – Surreal but touching story of an anthropomorphic elephant’s trip inside the belly of a whale

Bendito Machine (2006) – Some silhouetted villagers worship a giant machine which dispenses eyeballs, while others seek to destroy it in this strange award-winning animation that spawned two three sequels.

Bendito Machine IV (2012) – More baroque Spanish animation, with an even more pronounced environmental theme

Benigni (2009) – A lonely claymation man grows a friend from his armpit

Best Friend (2018) – Arthur celebrates his 30th birthday with his surgically implanted best friend, Cammi

“Between Two Ferns: Episode 1” – The first installment Zack Galifiankis’ absurdist web talk show, with an uncomfortable Michael Cera as the interview victim

The Big Shave (1967) – Early short about a morning shave gone terribly wrong

Bimbo’s Initiation (1931) – Another bizarre and surreal Flesicher Brother’s cartoon. “Wanna be a member?”

Bing (2002) – An elderly man pulls a tooth from his mouth to lay on a railroad track, and then shakes in anticipation

Bingo (1998) – Circus characters pester a boy, insisting that he’s Bingo the Clown

Birdboy (2010) – Weird animated post-apocalyptic fable from Spain; shortlisted for a “Best Animated Short Film” Academy Award nomination in 2012

Birds (2020) – Two brothers talk about cars, Altoids, and mortality while birdwatching in the woods

Bistro (2010) – Monty Python-esque tale of a pig man ordering lunch in a strange bistro; winner of the Electric Shorts 2010 competition

Black (2016) – Two Japanese astronauts are left in orbit with not much to do outside of monitoring the nuclear war on land

“Black Holes” (2017) – Proof-of-concept mini-pilot for a proposed TV series about an astronaut teamed with a sentient cantaloupe for a Mars mission

Black Jeans Whoa (2015) – At any milk and vegetable party, make sure your shirt is off and your jeans are blue

Black Shore (2012) – Music video for the Icelandic band Úlfur; the beats are as bizarre as the visuals

Blak N Blue (2019) – A lonely skeleton looks to liven up his evening with some substance abuse, but the monkey in his head still appears to pour water out of his eye sockets

Blastoff (2022) – A friend does some home renovations while another drinks an alarming quantity of LaCroix

Bless You (2013) – A surreal subway sneeze

The Blissful Accidental Death (2017) – A collector takes a surreal train ride on a quest to determine the authenticity of a piece of art history

Blood Diary (2015) – 100 red, white and black gifs, made on consecutive days

A Bloody Mess (2023) – Filmmakers wonder if they can salvage their monster movie by going meta

Blue Berries (2022) – A man in the desert struggles to prioritize keeping his goldfish alive over eating more delicious blueberries

The Bob Monroe 24/7 Out of Body Experience News Network (2015) – Bizarre computer animation designed to be played in the waiting room of an out-of-body experience clinic

La Boca del Leon (2013) – A young girl must follow instructions over a cell phone to perform an exorcism on her father

Body Memory (2011) – Beings made from string unravel in a railroad car

Bodyworld (2017) – A woman suddenly appears in a colorful animated world which gradually loses its charm

Book (2021) – Joe finds solace in a book about a man with a comedically miserable life

The Boundaries of Life and Death (2012) – Morphing black and white animation inspired by Edgar Allen Poe

Bout (2011) – A rapacious audience incites masked wrestlers to absurd levels of violence

The Bowling Alley Screen When You Get a Strike (2019) – The titular animation gets a weird update

The Box Man (2002) – Very creepy, Kafkaesque stop-motion animation inspired by a Kobel Abe novel

Boys (2009) – Men have mock umbrella swordfights and play with the Matchbox cars in their pants in this surreal exploration of masculinity

The Brainwashers (2002) – Two chimney sweeps are injected into a man’s brain in this claymation featurette from the National Film Board of Canada

Brazzaville Teen-ager (2013) – Michael Cera stars and directs this absurd comic short about a son and his dying father

Breadheads (2013) – Famished soldiers take advantage of a disease that turns civilians into bread

Breaking Bad 2 – Official Trailer (2023) – This spoof trailer suggests a very bizarre sequel to the hit television series, with the reappearance of all the deceased characters one of the least strange things about it

Bright Future My Love (2014) – Substantial (30 minute), dystopian, dialogue-free Serbian film set in an industrial wasteland

The Broken Flute (2012) – A middle aged man takes the fact that his son doesn’t want to play the flute surprisingly hard

Brother Cobweb at the House of Shadows (2018) – An excerpt of our own Alfred Eaker‘s performance of his Brother Cobweb character at The House of Shadows in Gresham, Oregon

Bubble Butt (2019) – A man goes into the woods for some private time and finds the body of a woman being swallowed by a hole in the ground

Bulb (2008) – A simple change of a light bulb has far reaching effects in this well-made experimental film

Bump Classique (2016) – “A short film about bursting”

Bumpers for FX Productions (2019) – A collection of unrelated bumpers that work as a collage of characters and moments in the universe animator Joe Bennett has created over the last decade.

Burn (2002) – A husband and wife carry on peacefully while their house burns down around them

Buzzkill (2023) – Becky’s first date is going well, until she finds an eyelash stuck in her eye in this animated horror/comedy

Bydlo (2012) – Humanity tears itself apart fighting over a bull in this mythic animation

Bye, Little Block! [Pá, kis panelom!] (2020) – After she learns she will be leaving her flat, a woman’s stone teardrop rolls through her surreal neighborhood until it’s struck by lightning

The Caged Pillows (2016) – Surreal animation set to the music of Daft Punk, Death Grips, Future Islands and Devendra Banhart

“The Canadian Films of Paul Driessen” – Animated anthology featuring “The End of the World in Four Seasons”

Canine Lottery (2019) – A snorkeled boy harasses ducks and breaks lamps to a voice-over monologue that might have been written by a sadistic AI

The Carnival of the Animals (2017) – A wild cut-out animation to accompany a performance of Saint-Saën’s “The Carnival of the Animals”

Caterwaul (2012) – A lonely old fisherman becomes romantically obsessed with his latest catch

Catherine (2014) – Catherine returns to the office, where everyone is oddly detached

Catnip: Egress to Oblivion? (2012) – The startling facts behind the mind-melting fad sweeping the feline world: is it worth the rush?

The Cat With Hands (2001) – Very spooky horror short about a cat with hands (and other human body parts)

The Cave (2007) – An adaptation of Plato’s cave allegory from “The Republic,” done in claymation to bring out the underlying creepiness of the metaphor

Cell (2017) – Nazis place two prisoners in a cell as guinea pigs in psychological b-movie experiments

Chapel Perilous (2014) – A door-to-door salesman pitches his ability to unlock the full potential of his unlucky subjects through decoding their “mystery DNA”

The Chaperone 3D (2013) – A chaperone takes matters into his own hands when a gang of bikers try to crash a school dance (note: not available in 3D)

Charlay Verenne (2016) – Jamir falls in love with a poster of the title character, then has a nightmare about her

Charleston Parade (1927) – In the future, an African explorer learns an indigenous dance from a Parisian flapper and her pet monkey in this uncharacteristically experimental silent short from Jean Renoir

Chasseur (2013) – Legend has it that, if you desire to sell your soul, the Devil will meet you at the crossroads to seal the deal; but sometimes he sends a personal representative instead

Chichi (2018) – Animated aliens drop by to liven up an otherwise uneventful night at the ranch with some unintelligible gibberish and nipple tickling

Chick (2008) – A cyclops cleans up and dresses to catch the gaze of her date

Chick Chick (2014) – An infamously jarring Chinese music video featuring some ridiculous dance routines and sound samples

Chicken – Part 2: Resurrection (2011) – Four strange people share a strange meal in this experimental film with a trick

Children Purple (2007) – Experimental mix of film and animation over fast-paced beats

A Child’s Toy (2007)Child’s Play meets Eraserhead in this creepy stop-motion animation

Chingaso the Clown (2006) – A man seeks revenge on the clown crime cartel in this calling card for a feature that was never made

Chloe Cherry Likes Her Men Like Her Tea (2022) – Chloe Cherry likes her tea hot, but not, like, burning hot

Choban (2014) – Wearing only his underwear, a perpetually-worried, magic-staff-wielding shepherd searches for his kidnapped dog

Christmas Cracker (1963) – Three whimsically weird animated Christmas tales; a short film Academy Award nominee

Circle of Abstract Ritual (2014) – Impressive 12-minute stop-motion/time lapse experiment, two years in the making

Cockroach Carnival (2020) – An animated carnival that embraces the cockroaches

Cody’s Positive Affirmations (2015) – Cody’s self doubt pokes through his facade of positivity

Coffin (2020) – A Chinese man comes home to his coffin apartment in search of rest he won’t get

Colera (2013) – A town violently deals with its scapegoat, a man with cholera, once and for all

Color Me (2020) – A woman at a dinner party seeks solitude during a panic attack, but there’s no easy escape from her nightmarish anxiety

Combination Spawns (2009) – Psychedelic experiments with fractal imaging software

Contact (2018) – Jason is left to assess what is happening when his partner disappears

Contact the Star People (2008) – Laughing pharaohs and spaceships hiding behind a distorted soundscape and shifting fractal patterns

Control (2010) – A panic attack on film

Controller (2013) – Proof-of-concept telepathic sci-fi action short that has since been optioned for a feature

Convergence Station (2021) – Meow Wolf’s Denver art installation is a dimension-traversing and third-eye-opening experience

Cosmohedron (2022) – Surreal animation exploring the connection between a three-eyed alien trucker, an office worker, and the goddess Gaia, among others

A Cowboy Never Dies (2011) – Post-apocalyptic cowboys-versus-punks short film featuring a catchy 80′s electronic track

Cows & Cows & Cows (2010) – Cow (and spider-cow) choreography

Crabs in a Dollhouse (2011) – Delivers exactly what it promises in the title

La Cravatte (1957)‘s first movie was a mime performance about a shop selling severed heads

Cream (2017) – A miracle cream solves all of humanity’s problems—from curing acne to regrowing amputated limbs to evolving us to higher states of consciousness—or does it?

Creswick (2017) – A daughter helps her father move out of a house that may be haunted

A Crewneck for Pete (2021) – Pete needs a cozy crewneck sweatshirt in order to watch the #1 James Taylor impersonator in New England

Curriculum Vitae (2007) – Surreal comedy about a man whose resume escapes him; this version is abridged

Cut It Out (2021) – An “EOD technician” is sent to disarm an “extreme threat”

Cycles (2010) – Giant teddy bears stuck in mutating traffic patterns; oddly hypnotic

Crooked (Orcus) Rot (2008) – Experimental stop-motion animation filled with creepy imagery

The Cub (2013) – Parents’ plans to drop their child off to be raised by wolves backfires

Dada (2008) – Style follows subject in this comedy about a pair of stereotyped Frenchmen trying to get their hands on an art masterpiece/shovel

Daddy Christmas (2014) – A drunken father gives his son his own take on the meaning of Christmas

Danse Macabre (2010) – Dracula’s wives try to rescue him after he has been kidnapped by a Vatican squad of vampire hunters

Danish Girls Show Everything (1995)‘s contribution to a Danish short compilation is a tale of telepathy, invasion, survival, and weird CGI

Dark Riders (2023) – A boy takes a ride on a cowboy-themed ghost train, set to a great progressive guitar score

Dark Roast Denny (2018) – Denny rants about his love for coffee while squirming on the floor and nailing his suit to the wall of his house

David (Episode 1) (2016) – A Tarot reader tells David a black rock is growing in his chest and gives him five weeks to live in this opening episode of an absurdist webseries

David Lynch Signature Cup Coffee (2011) – Leave it to David Lynch to use an utterly baffling ad to sell coffee

Däwit (2015) – Woodcut-style animated tale of a mother leaves the fate of her newborn son in the hands of the ocean

Dear Raymond (2012) – Dressed as an angel, Blue Mahler pays tribute to the late autistic artist Raymond Thunder-Sky

The Death of an Insect (2010) – An impressionistic, experimental portrait of the death of a butterfly

Death of a Shadow (2012) – A deceased soldier goes to work for a mysterious shadow collector in this Oscar nominated fantasy with a steampunk look

Death of the Firstborn Egyptians (2014) – A lighthearted musical animation depicting the slaughter of the Egyptians as told in “Exodus,” a freestanding excerpt from an upcoming film by Nina Paley

Death to the Tinman (2007) – Guy Maddin meets The Wizard of Oz describes this impressively bizarre fantasy

Decoration (2011) – A vase living inside of a girl directs a play about its host squeezing a hamster to death

Deep Love (2019) – A bald eagle lays an egg midair that forms into a cloud-mushroom in this metaphor-heavy animation about the decommunization of a Ukrainian city

Deer Flower (2016) – A Korean boy is brought to a deer farm to practice a custom that will help him become a grown-up

“Delta Airline Saftey Video (2024) – The typos are the least alarming thing about this deeply flawed airline safety video

Dependency Loop (2018) – A corporation creates a “bio-fracking” industry to harvest organs and tissue. CGI animation.

Derealiser la Faille (2010) – Frightening, visually assured non-narrative experimental film; remarkably, made by a high school student

Descent (2107) – The Black Plague descends on a computer desktop

The Desert (2021) – Humanity has gone extinct, leaving robots to wander in our absence

Destiny/Fate (Keep Going) (2018) – Destiny licks Fate’s feet as Fate urges Destiny to “keep going.”

The Diamond  (2022) – A loner needs a diminutive stranger’s help to extricate a diamond from a hole in the ground

Dichterlieb (2000) – Director Oliver Herrmann’s music video version of  Robert Schumann’s romantic composition

Diddly Squat (2020) – A young couple with a baby on the way break into a carpentry studio, and find themselves in an escalating conflict with the owner

“Diesel: the Magic of Christmas, Episode 2” (2012) – A fashion company hypnotizes their models into believing they’re five years old in this odd celebration of Xmas

Ding (2021) – An animated naked baby follows a man around a city, with mayhem on its mind

The Disappearance of Willie Bingham (2015) – A future society has replaced the death penalty with something far more horrifying

The Distraction (2020) – An experimental treatise on anxiety and depression

The Divide (2014) – Animated satire about our disconnect from nature

The Divine Miracle (1972) – Kitsch/surreal version of the passion play

El Doctor (2006) – A melancholy Mexican médico makes his miraculous rounds. Included on The Films of Suzan Pitt.

Dog Chased a Cat (2017) –  Just some computer dog and cat stories

Dogs of Life (2015) – A story of redemption set apart by its symbolism, deliberately sloppy animation, and glitchy voice acting

Dokidoki My Heart, Also a Rabbit (2016) – Short line animation about a man who gets a surprise while hunting a rabbit

Dondus Fingertrap (2019) – A web designer for independent fashion labels explains his absurd signature approach

Don’t Ever Change (2017) – Recently released from prison, Karen receives a visit from a true crime fan

Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared (2011) – Children’s puppets stumble upon the dark side of creativity

Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared 2 – Time (2014) – The fuzzy gang is back for a typically terrifying rumination on the nature of time, which is running out for all of us

Door on the Left (2015) – Five contestants cheer each other on in a new game show, until they realize what’s on the line

Doxology (2007) – An experimental head trip containing floating carrots, dancing cars, and a tennis ball crashing into the moon

Dream #7 (2009) – David Lynch’s 42 second entry in the onedreamrush short film collection

The Dreaming Boy (2016) – A grotesquely fat man/boy has an out-of-body experience while dreaming

Dream in Green (2007) – Gustafer Yellowgold’s acclaimed animated children’s music has fanciful storybook pictures for the kiddies and infectious melodies for adults

Dr. Fausen’s Children (2009) – Surreal, paranoid fantasy about a man who thinks he’s related to a blue cow

Drifters (2012) – Strange animated dreams on a train

Drifting (2012) – A young boy watches adults literally drifting through life

Earn $20K Every Month by Being Your Own Boss (2020) – With Dorian Smile’s strategy you can be your own boss, work your own hours, and get up to $20K every month wired straight into your banking account—by you!

Earth & Fire (2021) – An anthropomorphized planet Earth is kept as a sex slave by four shirtless men

Earworm (2022) – A bandaged man in a car full of air fresheners throws out a cassette tape covered with warnings

Earthworm Heart (2014) – Earthworm ghosts get revenge on a cat fisherman

Eatself (2018) – A production line worker at a meat packing facility finds her dat interrupted by a strange encounter

Eat Your Carrots (2022) – A girl eats carrots and finds an eyeball growing on her arm

edicisum (2008) – Experimental film sets dissonant music to equally dissonant visuals

Eer (2021) – With no access to healthcare for his swollen ear, Chris seeks more affordable options for health and wellness

Elapse (2009) – Floria Sigismondi’s 42 second entry in the onedreamrush short film collection

Eli (2014) – An Israeli soldier follows a Palestinian kid in a bunny suit down a rabbit hole

Electrone #2 (2016) – An epileptic seizure-inducing experimental short

El Elegante (2003) – Absurd but sweet comedy about a homeless woman and a mute man meeting on New Years’ Eve in an abandoned hotel

Eleusis (2021) – A musician checks himself into a cultish rehab program in an attempt to escape a creative rut

Elms (2014)Guy Maddin and co-director Evan Johnson created this impressionistic experimental short to accompany the Criterion Collection release of My Winnipeg

Emergency Action Plan (2020) – A man’s paranoia about workplace shootings pushes him further and further from reality

Emotions Market (2007) – In a drab city, the sale and purchase of emotions are strictly regulated, but not everyone wants to follow the rules

The End of History Illusion (2017) – Servants in an elaborate fallout shelter lose their minds in elegant fashion

Epidermis (2008) – Odd urban philosophy from cult tour guide Speed Levitch, who compares walking down a city street to foreplay

Erodium Thunk (2018) – Segments of old commercials are cut into pieces and cleverly pasted together in a tribute to Micheal Snow’s experimental short A to Z (1956)

Essays on Reality, Chapter 2 (2012) – Three bizarre, comic, metaphorical mini-movies

Ex Creta (2022) – Two roommates in San Francisco spy on their neighbor’s bizarre (and extremely gross) method of cleaning up after his pet

Eye Contact (2007) – A man and woman nervously stammer and tap their fingers until their eyes meet

Fabricated (2016) – Stop-motion short, reminiscent of or the , about a creature assembled from scraps of metal and bone searching for its purpose

Face Like a Frog (1987) – Psychedelic animation that’s sort of about a cartoon character lured into haunted house by a frog-faced temptress—sort of

A Family Portrait (2009) – If you thought your family portrait was awkward—well, at least mom’s nostril didn’t engulf dad’s head

The Fantastic Adventures of Cloudman (2010) – Claymation, traditional animation and live-action mix (often in the same scene) to tell the fantastic story of Cloudman’s sojourn among the Earthlings

Fearless Love (2016) – Barry’s firing fatefully coincides with a Tony Robbins-style seminar

Fever (2017) – Four teenagers around the world get too caught up in individual moments to act rationally

Filmmaker Interviewed While Sleeping (2023) – As part of the promotion for Dream Scenario, director agreed to be interviewed while in a lucid dreaming state; unfortunately, the conversation is interrupted by a knife salesman

Find the Truth (2015) – 360 video exploring the search for the elusive “Newspaper Bandit” in Nakano

Fire (Pozar) (2015) short featuring a simple house and tree, and a hole forming in the sky

Fire Is Coming (2019) plays a storytelling wolf-man in Flying Lotus’ music video co-directed by .

Fits & Starts (2002) – Award-winning absurdist comedy beginning with two people carrying on a conversation via tape recorders

Flesh Nest (2017) –  A hellish digital afterlife separated into nine levels

Flex (2020) – A body-builder’s internal monologue grows more intense as he flexes in front of a mirror

Flut (2018) – A teenager is trapped with a hovering mother and toxic friends as the lake in their courtyard begins to rise

Follow the Sun (2010) – Time to visit the snack bar… the snack bar of Hell!

Food (2015) – A remixed compilation of weird food-themed shorts

Food for Fraught (2017) – a husband prepares an unappetizing pastrami sandwich for his wife in a short playfully advertised as a rejected sequence from Fantasia

The Forbidden Zone Theme (2015) – “Raunchy Rose and the Radioactive Chicken Heads” beat on bongos in this musical promo for Forbidden Zone 2

Forever Ago (2012) – An old man’s memories are stirred by the sound of Christmas music

Fortunes (2013) – The movie accurately describes itself as “an experimental comedy on our relationship with consumerism, household rituals, and our objects of worship.”

Fostered (2014) – An elderly man laments a past act that has left him in a mental purgatory

Foutaises (1989) – Rubber-faced Dominique Pinon lists things he likes and things he doesn’t like, a technique director Jean-Pierre Jeunet later recycled for Amelie

The Fox and the Rabbit (2006) – Dreamlike music video from the indie band Xiu Xiu

Fragments (2016) – Inspired by the first chapter of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen and by the 2011 Fukushima nuclear power plant accident, this short is a metaphor for technology bringing about disaster

Frankenweenie (1984) – Charming pre-fame Tim Burton Frankenstein parody about a boy who reanimates his dead dog

Franz Kafka’s It’s a Wonderful Life (1993) – Franz Kafka struggles to write the first sentence of “The Metamorphosis,” but finds himself constantly interrupted by loud neighbors and strange door-to-door salesmen

“Fred and Barney for Bush Beer” (1967) – Flintstones characters extol the virtues of binge drinking in this odd artifact of its times

Free Fall (1964) – Ten minutes of gospel music, ants, baboons, experimental editing, cellular biology lectures, and eye closeups figure in this surrealist short

Fride Chick’n Man (2014) – A blind detective provides insight on the case of the Fride Chik’n Man murders

From Behind (2005) – Who are those skeletal creatures stranding behind the claymation people and manipulating them?

From Burger It Came (2008) – A man recounts the time in grade school in which he was certain he had contracted AIDS from a hamburger

From the Big Bang to Tuesday Morning (2000) – Claude Cloutier illustrates the evolution of life on Earth in a bold and just-weird-enough way

Frontier Wisdom (2018) – Surreality ensues after a phone repairwoman comes across a talking corpse in the desert

The Frozen North (1922) – Buster Keaton Western parody

The Funeral Director (2016) – A funeral director searches for purpose in a job that consistently incapacitates him with grief

The Future (2017) – A dark-humored look into a future where water is nowhere to be found

Future Beach (2019) – Buff, three-breasted women and cyclopean tourists leisure at the beach in GCDS streetwear

Futur Sauvage (2016) – A reckless boy with a gun is disciplined by the leader of his tribe in this dialogue-free animation

Gainers (2012) – A bleak look at consumption through a blend of animation and photography

Garfield Gameboy’d (2019) – Based on the “Garfield” comic, this short is made up of cutscenes from a nonexistent Gameboy game in which Jon is trying to hide from, and destroy, a shapeshifting cat

Genius Loci (2020) – Reine ignores her responsibilities to explore the chaos of the city in a dissociative state

Ghostbleed: The Bio Horror (2022) – Three officers set out to investigate a series of disappearances at a shopping center and Hell gate research facility in this parody of late 90’s horror video games

Ghost Dogs (2021) – A puppy explores an empty house haunted by departed spirits of his breed—and a Roomba

The Giant (2017) – an eerie CGI fable about a giant’s discovery of music

Girl Seizure (2014) – Two-thousand frames of surreal pen and ink animation set to an uncomfortable soundtrack

Git Gob (2009) – Two bizarre creatures argue whether their new discovery is a hole in the ground or a hat

Glucose (2017) – A video game character questions free will, and gets knocked unconscious by his opponent

Goal (2022) – Two men race to the goal through what can vaguely be described as dance

The Goat and the Beehive (2010) – Mystical parable from a Dying NASA Scientist

Going to the Store (2011) – A naked man-thing shows off his unusual gait

Goodbye (2015) – After a car crash, a man is welcomed to death by “the Interviewer”

Goodbye Mommy (2019) – A detective is put in charge of finding the king and his strange little alien baby in a dizzying CGI world

Goodluckyonpey (2018) – Yonpey must run a simple errand for dinner, but he’s preoccupied

Goop of the Gods II (2011) – A man eats too much goop in part two of a five-part series about a man eating too much goop

Gordon’s Surreal Senior Project Film #2 (2008) – Young Gordon shows some promise in this experiment with a self-explanatory title

Gothic Aztecs (2007) – The story of how the Aztecs invaded Europe in the late Middle Ages

Grandpa Walrus (2017) – A family finds closure over the loss of their chain-smoking grandfather in their own surreal way

Greener Grass (2016) – Soccer moms Jill and Lisa strive for the perfect nuclear family

Green Porno – Fly (2008) – Representative episode from the Sundance Television series with Isabella Rossellini describing the mating habits of insects in a weird but scientifically accurate way

“Green Screen Cookies” (2009) – What’s in those psychedelic cookies Thu Tran is making for “Food Party”?

Grounded (2012) – An astronaut’s hallucinations on a faraway world

Guns, Beer and Demons (2009) – Humorous prologue for a proposed post-apocalyptic webseries involving the titular triumvirate

Half Wet (2014) – Gus ponders aging according to the declining percentage of water in his body

Hallelujah! Gorilla Revival (2008) – Experimental film sequence beginning with a preteen girl playing a sax solo in front of a deer corpse

Halloween Trash (2007) – Something called Shaye St. John verbally abusing trick-or-treaters!

Ham (2014) – The rude antics of a grotesque man lead to a shootout

The Hamster (2015) – A father reluctantly buys his daughter a pet, fearing that the creature has secret plans to harm the girl’s innocent psyche

Happiness Has a Hole (2014) – Evocative music from chanteuse Mary Louise set to surreal gray-scale 3-D animation

Happy Ending (2010) – A simple story about post-apocalyptic Japanese teenage mimes

Happy Happy Yay Yay (2011) – Two kids are cured of their boredom when they receive a concussion from a rainbow

Happy New Year 2013 (2013) – Brief but bizarre Japanese video game parody from “Space Shower TV”

Harbor Island (2023) – An aspiring comedian tries out new material in an underpopulated industrial zone

Hardware (2017) – Branch Dangus travels to the Home and Housewares Expo in search of a business partner with whom to share his professed market expertise

Harpya (1979) – The tale of a man who saves the life of a horrible-beautiful creature, only for it to methodically destroy his life

Harvie Krumpet (2003) – Eccentric Academy Award winning claymation about a character with Tourette’s Syndrome

Hate or Glory (2013) – A gangster has himself gilded in gold

Headcleaner (1999) – With thoughts like this, pulling back the scalp and mopping it down might not be a bad idea

Headlessness (2004) – Trippy “journey to the holy mountain” cartoon

Heart (2011) – The appearance of a red heart disrupts a black and white world in this surreal animation

The Heart Collector (2005) – A man collects others’ hearts, until one day he loses his own

The Heart of the World (2000) – Guy Maddin’s award-winning short love letter to silent Soviet cinema

“Heaven’s Countryland, U.S. Americans Part 4” (2014)  – North Korean propaganda explaining why 9 out of 10 American children turn into geometric shapes

Heavy Chemistry (2018) – A couple obsessively in love with each other, their roommate, pizza, and life altogether

Heavy Is Spy (2011) – The weird world of Gmods, which recombine video game assets into absurdist shorts

Hedge (2018) – The surreal and sometimes humorous experience of a young family visiting a funeral home

He Did and He Didn’t (1916) – Roscoe Arbuckle’s “humorous, expressionistic nightmare.”

Hell Hath No Furie (2019) – Three spiteful women play a game of cards that escalates quickly. Animated.

Help! Dying! (2016) – A man’s relaxing evening is impolitely interrupted when a cop is shot outside his window.

Helping Johnny Remember (2010) – A DIY-er uses basic editing software to turn a short about getting along into a comic nightmare

Help Us (2016) – Pleas for help pitched halfway between a nightmare and a pledge drive

Henri (2007) – The depressingly hilarious monologue of a housecat filled with ennui

Henri 2, Paw de Deux (2012) – This sequel finds the existential French kitty reflecting on the continuing meaningless of domestic life

The Herd (2016) – Is Louis unnaturally attached to his family’s livestock?

Hesperus (2006) – Apocalyptic, rotoscoped sci-fi tale with a unique visual sense

He Took His Skin Off for Me (2014) – As a romantic gesture, a man does just what the title says he does

Hide N Seek (2019) – A game of hide-and-seek becomes an allegory for the passage of time

Hideouser and Hideouser (2019) – With caressing a slab of mystery meat as the introduction, how much more hideouser can this stop motion animation get?

High & Gruesome (2014) – Scrappy and Pearly search for their lost dog in this absurdist tribute to 1930s comedy

Hillary Clinton: Meme Queen (2016) – Fake, “dank” 2016 U.S. Presidential ad aimed at a younger demographic

Hinako the Kentucky Girl (2007) – A mercenary braves explosives, lasers, and a sandworm in this strange short from

The History of Nipples (2019) – Ron becomes obsessed with his nipples and determined to find their purpose

Hi Stranger (2017) – We’re not sure whether listening to this supportive, seductive stop-motion figure is soothing or insanely creepy

Home Makeover (2017) – Worm people help out a nuclear family with a surprise home makeover in this animated “Adult Swim” short

Horn (2016) – A biker guides a boy through his upcoming life

Horse Glue (2010)  – Two animated films, “Horse” and “Glue,” unfold in the same space and their narratives become intertwined

Hound (2015) – Absurd animated sketches about man’s best friend

How to Deal with Nonsense (2011) – A surreal animated journey from undersea to a rodent Elvis in the clouds

How to Make a Nightmare (2014) – The creatures behind nightmare manufacture get too involved in their work

Hugh the Hunter (2015) – Artist Hugh Hayden imagines himself as a hunter identifying with his prey

Human Resources (2017) – Bizarre comedy involving a corporate cult, among other strange behavior

Hunger (1974) – This animated fable about greed and lust with constantly morphing images was nominated for “Best Short Film” in the 1975 Oscars

Hydra (2017) – Interpretative dance: a girl is swept up and indoctrinated by a group of veiled women

Hyper-Reality (2016) – Near-future satire in which technology has advanced to the point where the virtual world is plastered over the physical

I Am Tom Moody (2012) – The roots of Tom Moody’s performance anxiety

I Killed My Lesbian Wife, Hung Her on a Meathook, and Now I Have a Three Picture Deal at Disney (1993) – Ben Affleck’s regrettable directorial debut

Imagenes mentales de un Hombre Perdiendo la Raizon (2004) – Effective amateur stop-motion insane gore

In a Pig’s Eye (2010) – A group of boys play with a whale-sized pig

Inland Empire (2021) – Ian and Tim realize they’ve come up short of where they expected themselves to be in their 30’s, and they aren’t doing much to fix it

The Innocent Eyes (2023) – This odd series of Thai commercials posits that if you want to know if someone is lying, you should look them in the eyes

Inside (2002) – The interrogation of a man with multiple personality disorder

Inside (2016) – Underneath the skin, a man is transforming into something terrifying and new

Inside the Blind Iris (2023) – In this modern dance piece, a man finds himself trapped in a dehumanizing world that recalls German Expressionist film after walking through a doorway that leads to a room full of eyeballs

Interno (2009) – A family shares dinner while soundbites from TV shows and commercials overpower their dialogue

Into Something Rich and Strange (2003) – “a sideshow at the end of the world assembled from snapshots, silver gelatin prints, polaroids, pinhole photos, muybridge motion studies, sequential xerography, archival photos and computer generated textures.”

Introducing Bobby (2013) – Impressionistic short documentary about an ex-con who dreams of being on “Survivor”

I, Pet Goat II (2012) – Possibly a political satire—frankly, this impressive animated short is so weird we just can’t tell!

I Remember Nothing (2015) – A hallucinatory drama structured by the five stages of an epileptic seizure

Italian Spiderman Trailer (2008) – Viral sensation is a hilarious send-up of a grindhouse genre that never was

It’s Been Too Long (2019) – Ex-lovers Chaniel and Bufinda are reunited for a romantic evening that turns into a confessional of their escapades since they parted ways

It’s Intermission Time! (2007) – A trip to the drive-in snack bar brings unexpected consequences in this zany parody of movie popcorn pitches

It’s Not Custard (2017) –  Louise isolates herself because of her severe and unrelenting acne until it miraculously disappears from her face overnight, and reappears somewhere else. Warning: gross.

I Was in Your Blood (2019) – Young Eric has fallen in love with his babysitter, and can’t help wondering if she feels the same

I Was Married to a Mermaid (2014) – An old man insists that he was once married to a mermaid

Jabberwocky (1971) – Jan Svankmajer‘s nonsense warmup for Alice; included on Cinema 16: European Short Films

Jack Stauber’s Opal (2020) – Young Opal sneaks into her neighbors’ house at night, where she is mistaken for Claire and listens to a suite of strange songs

Jagdschloss II (2013) – Something with vintage German marionettes and arcane symbols

Japanese Donald Trump Commercial (2016) – Trump is elected President of the World, much to the delight of his female Japanese fans in this political parody commercial

Jericho (2009) – A despondent old man is visited by his childhood toys in this weird but moving short

La Jetée (1962) – Dreamlike time-travel classic that set the standard for the sci-fi subgenre

Joe Biden and Trump Eating Spaghetti, but It’s an AI Generated Nightmare (2023) – Nothing captures 2023’s zeitgeist better than an A.I.-generated nightmare of Joe Biden and Donald Trump eating spaghetti

The Journey (2015?) – Never accept a ride from a rainbow DeLorean driven by a guy who looks like Bobby Peru

Joy Street (1995) – A suicidally depressed woman and her whimsical animated ashtray have decidedly different views of life. Included on The Films of Suzan Pitt.

Judy’s Smile (2011) – A narrator reflects on his sister’s omnipresent smile in this subtly disturbing re-purposed hygiene short

Just Ancient Loops (2012) – Decaying visions of heaven created from archival film mixed with CGI (excerpt only)

Kangaroos Can’t Jump Backwards (2013) – A stop-motion animation economics lesson that ends with a sea squirt eating its own brain

Kasio Christmas (2008) – Conehead aliens do weird dances to Christmas carols played on a Casio keyboard

Ken Nordine Levi’s Ad (circa 1971) – Ken Nordine narrates this vintage Peter Max-inspired advertisement, based on his “word jazz” piece “Flibberty Jib”

Keep the Change (2015) – An autistic playboy courts a girl with a similar disability in this touching drama starring high-functioning actors on the autism spectrum

The Kids (2014) – A man is brought before the King of Children and his celebrity jester

Killer Cuisine (2010) – Today’s recipe is hummus with a side of angst

Killer Cuisine 2 (2010) – A cooking show for cannibals

Klementhro (2015) – Without his paddle, he’d have nowhere to go

Kobalt the Klown(TM) Does Ambiguous Aliens (2013) – A stiff and silent clown provides ambiguous evidence of visitations by the Underpant People from the sky

Kosmonaut (2019) – An elderly cosmonaut rises each day as if he’s still living in a space shuttle while his loved ones debate on relocating him to a nursing home.

Kunbstbar (2002) – a wonderfully weird animated bar with Pablo Picasso on the menu

El Ladron de Caras (2013) – A detective assists a woman in tracking down thefts of facial features

Lady Blue Shanghai (2010) – David Lynch was given relatively free reign to make this impressionistic “commercial” for Dior (a handbag features prominently)

Lah Gah (2019) – A father and daughter bond over cooking until interrupted by a batch of throat-singing pancake batter

Lance Lizardi (2017) – Lance Lizardi and friends showcase their obsession with, and similarities to, their reptilian friends

Landgraves (2020) – An unfortunate journalist is tasked with interviewing a crazed metal band working on a new album after serving their manslaughter sentence

LA on Acid (2023) – An L.A. man unknowingly eats a chicken nugget laced with acid

Last Door (2015) – Promising short experimental film by a 16-year-old director

The Last Theft (1987) – A thief in the night breaks into a home, and is greeted as a guest by the suspiciously hospitable family

Late Bloomer (2005) – Sex education and H.P. Lovecraft mix in this comic short

Late for Meeting (2013) – Further adventures of the strange naked latex man-thing from Going to the Store

Laugh Years Light Trax (2011) – A speculative look at how aliens see human laughter

Lazy Daze (2016) – What do dogs dream about?

Learning to Play (2011) – A boy struggling to play his ocarina hears a mysterious call from the woods, and goes to investigate

The Legend of Turbosledge (2013) – A boy puts a turbo engine on his snow sled, with somewhat weird results

Leucotopia (2013) – Robot chickens drive a mechanical Dr. Manhattan through a florescent world

L’Heure Bleue (2023) -In the spirit of Fantasia or Allegro non Troppo, animators illustrate a concert performance of Holst’s “Neptune, the Mystic”; crabs scuttle over a violin and a skeletal hand scratches a hole in the sky

Life and the Mirror (2007) – Short, surreal film from Julio Pereira

Life in Transition (2005) – Dali-esque animation from the creator of the TV series “Courage, the Cowardly Dog”

Light is Calling (2004) – Lyrical decaying footage from the silent feature The Bells (1926) set to an avant-garde music score

Like a Rabbit (2020) – Adult animation about a woman who seeks prey to fill the emptiness inside her

Lima Bean Man (2018) – A tiny man lives in Sabrina’s cupboard behind the lima bean can; he sings a short song

Little Baby’s Ice Cream: Check out Our New Package (2016): We hope the ad-exec who came up with this bizarrely ill-conceived attempt to sell ice cream got sacked

Little Clumps of Hair (2003) – Martin catches up with some friends at a pub, hoping that the tape on his upper lip goes unnoticed

Little Fang (2014) – A cute puppet is trapped in a psychedelic horror movie in this video for the song of the same name from Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks

The Little Soul (2019) – A little soul crawls from a corpse to explore the land of the dead

Little Taste of Joy (2023) – A circus where golden hoops merge into human bodies and elders throw rods into the air to make babies

The Lizard’s Journey (2021) – A free jazz musician turns into a lizard and tries out various horns

Local 58: Real Sleep (2018) – This short program broadcast on the fictional TV station “Local 58” teaches you how to sleep effectively, avoiding the negative impact of dreaming

Logan’s Run (2012) – Herky-jerky, trippy digital animation about an antler-headed humanoid wandering a chaotic neon world

Long Term Delivery (2017) – Agent 4505 of the USPS Department of Long-term Delivery sets out to deliver a package that has been in limbo for ten years

La Lontananza Nostalgica Utopica Futura (2014) – Van Gogh and Gauguin discuss art while interacting with their canvasses

Look at Me Only (2017) – A man tries to break away from his snake-like girlfriend who insists on being the focus of his attention

Looking at a Cloud (2005) – The cloud looks back

Loop Soup (2016) – Connie gets a little too excited over receiving an old cooking tape in the mail

Love & Theft (2010) – Cartoon heads morph into ever-more-complex fractal structures, following the musical cues

Lucid (2021) – After a poor review of her latest painting, Mia is encouraged to make something with heart

Lucky (2014) – Director Jakob Bilinski was handed a script and given 24 hours to shoot this 8-minute horror film in a library

Luminaris (2011) – Charming dialogue-free fantasy about a man working in a lightbulb factory

The Lunchbox (2011) – Absurd student comedy film about a man who accidentally kills his boss’ cat

Lunch Time (2022) – A man in a pink dress feeds hotdogs to turtles in Central Park

M52 (2018) – Yves Paradis improvised this animated short week-by-week throughout 2017, with no destination in mind

The Magic of Christmas (2012) – Odd ad featuring models who’ve been hypnotized to think they’re five years old on Christmas morning

The Making of “Godard & Others” (2010) – Strange and cynical mini-documentary on the making of a low-budget independent movie

Malacostraca (2018) – A failing writer loses his grip on reality as his wife grows pregnant with their child

Malaguti Phantom (2014) – A burn victim with an affinity for motor oil tries to fit in with a motor scooter gang

Maned & Macho (2017) –  A girl’s repressed emotions are played out by animals, including an actual elephant in her room

Manhead (2017) – A man lost at sea must choose between staying friends with a jaded burning corpse, or making friends with a more enthusiastic face that just appeared on his boat

Manly (2014) – Manly, a destroyer of worlds, tries to live up to her godlike father’s expectations

Man Meets Woman (2014) – When an older, aloof woman captures the interest of a man, he is willing to go to horrifying lengths to keep her close

Mariko Takahashi’s Fitness Video for Being Appraised as an “Ex-fat Girl” (2004) – Commercial director Nagi Noda’s notorious, prankishly surreal entry in a short film contest for the 2004 Olympics

Marvelous, Keen Loony Bin (2005) – Animated surrealism featuring a monkey with a helium-filled balloon for a head

Master Muscles (2014) – A romance between a submissive man and a female body builder teeters between love and mental illness

Meatball Machine: Reject of Death (2007) – Produced as an extra for the Meatball Machine DVD, this gory, absurd and politically incorrect music video is weirder and more interesting than the feature film

Meat Market (2013) – Disturbing, degrading music video starring a beautiful woman and a plate of raw ground beef

Meats (2020) – A longtime vegan monologues to a butcher and a lamb carcass to come to terms with her decision to give into her pregnancy-induced meat cravings

Meatsack Worhippers (2015) – Manipulated found-footage montage of people doing weird things with meat, from “Memory Hole”

Membrane (2012) – A twenty-year-old boy prepares for death with a bowl of bloody corn flakes

Meow I Am a Cat AI Opus (2022) – 26 minutes of morphing cats and women chanting “meow”; you’re welcome.

Metachaos (2010) – Black and white manikins twist and jerk uncontrollably in the accelerating chaos

The Metaphysician’s Dream (2020) –  Stop-motion animation capturing the scientific and artistic exploration of a dream figure

Meteores (2023) – Children and animals awaken to investigate meteors that land in a forest

Metube 2: August Sings Carmina Burana (2016) – Street performers put on an otherworldly act when a generous boy donates a few coins to their tip jar

Metube 3: August Sings Una Furtiva Lagrima (2020) – More bondage opera performances from outer space

Michael (2013) – A tabby cat’s romp through a weird pink animated world, from “Space Shower TV”

Mickey’s Descent into Madness (2021) – Decades after his service in Vietnam, Sergeant Mickey still can’t escape the paranoia and guilt he feels over murdering his comrade-in-arms, Goofy

Milk Teeth (2020) – Orphans exchange their teeth for favors from a demonic-voiced stranger living in the drain of their sink

Milky Shot (2017) – Earth is visited by a giant, floating, spoon-obsessed alien

Mind Frame (2016) – Surreal morphing faces from white-out animator Jake Fried

Mine (2016) – Walter leads his wife, Diane, through a minefield to find a time capsule he left forty years ago

Minotaur (1999) – A lonely Minotaur’s socialization skills are put to the test when he gets an unexpected visit from a young girl

Mirror, Mirror (2008?) – You’ll wonder which is weirder, the music or the visuals, in this experimental video

Moira and Me (2012) –  A little girl has a very strange playmate

Mole (2016) – Animation scored to jarring Russian electronica

Mompelaar (2008) – After being scolded by his transgendered mother, mumbling Lubbert goes out to the woods to visit his treasure trove of plastic bags filled with rotting objects

Monkey Love Experiments (2014) – A monkey in a university animal testing facility believes that he will soon be sent to the moon

The Moon’s Milk (2018) – Captain Millipede (voiced by ) tells of an excursion to harvest milk from the moon 3.7 billion years ago

Morpho Towers–Two Standing Spirals (2007) – Ferrofluid rises and spins hypnotically around two magnetized spiral towers in this ballet of liquid metal

Moshari (2022) –  Two sisters sleep under a mosquito net to keep out the Bangladeshi vampires that come at night

Mound (2011) – Clay figures morph and undulate as a man croons “It’s Raining Today”

Mr. Freeman, Part 0 (2009?) – Fluid, morphing black and white Russian animation that’s managed to create quite an Internet following considering most fans don’t understand what’s being said

Mr. Puzzle Wants You to Be Less Alive (2021) – Purportedly “written by a bot,” this mish-mash of recognizable horror characters and plots into four-and-a-half minutes is a must-see

Music for Babies (1996) – Animator ‘s abstract visual companion to Howie B’s electronic beats

Mutant Sperm (2010?) – Fish filled with various glittering, neon colored objects are brutally impaled to a song about pregnancy

MUTO (2008) – This YouTube sensation shows meticulously photographed graffiti art crawling across the walls of urban eyesores in Buenos Aires

My Best Friend’s Wedding/My Best Friend’s Sweating (2011) – A best man temporarily calms down the groom at a wedding by hitting a few pressure points

My Favorite Things that I Love (2010) – Affectionate, weird send-up of big-eyed puppies, unicorns, and other forms of girly kitsch

My Little Goat (2018) – Stop-motion animation in which a mother goat scissors open the belly of a wolf to retrieve her children

Mynarski Death Plummet (2014) – Experimental short in the style about a Canadian airman plunging to his death

My Wrongs #8245-8249 & 177 (2002) – A madman takes the advice of the Doberman he’s dogsitting, much to his detriment; included on the European edition of Cinema 16: European Short Films

Nachtmahr: Geistergang (2008) -Nightmarish amateur experimental short

Nagasaki Ding-Dong (2008) – A nauseatingly surreal meal

National Gymnastics (2017) – An experimental animation depicting a Korean national school exercise routine from the late 20th century

Natural Promotion (2017) – A worker at the Bureaucratic Office of Bureaucrats turns into a bunny rabbit

Neighbor Kids (2015) – The neighbor kids clean their house (and the streets) in preparation for the arrival of their new roommate

Neon Parallel 1996 (2015) – A “lost vaporwave classic” about virtual reality in an alternate history

Next Floor (2008) – A gluttonous feast collapses under its own weight

Nice Day for a Picnic (2008) – The absurd cycle of daily rituals in animated form

The Night Jane Went Insane (2023) – Middle-aged science fiction fan Jane (scream queen Brinke Stevens) hears voices coming from her appliances

The Nightmare (2016) – A wolf cub’s disturbing dream

Night Mayor (2009) – A man converts music from the Aurora Borealis into video, and broadcasts the imagery throughout Canada. By .

Nocturne (2016) – Beasts of the forest gather at night for some high-stakes gambling

No Man Is an Island (2018) – Named after the John Donne poem, this short portrays the madness of isolation

Norteños (2018) – Barry tries to sweet-talk his ex into helping him carry his grandmother’s chopped-up corpse to the landfill

Nosis (2018) – A boy discovers the supernatural ability of his exceptionally long nose, plunging it into everything he can

Not So Fast (2019) – You and your friend are on a narcotics-influenced drive, when suddenly the fuzz show up

Nowhere Line (2015) – Rotoscoped reimagining of a refugee’s experiences in an Australian detention camp

Now 2 (2019) – Hummingbirds sip on beer and poodles transform into leaf blowers in the sunny suburbs

Nuclear (2016) – After a day of video editing, Oliver heads to his apartment, catching the milkman leaving just as he arrives

Observatory Blues (2017) – Despite not having hands to write with, Fernando Music finds his calling as a sex and space writer at a young age

obskura atomika (2011) – Low budget film with echoes of Begotten and Eraserhead

Obsolescence (2011) – Hostage story with a sci-fi twist

Odilon Redon (1995) – A father and son witness a train wreck and compete for the love of the sole survivor in this silent-film styled throwback from Guy Maddin

Oh, Mr. President (2014) – A Claymation dog won’t greet its owner after her shower until she recognizes his birthday

Oh What a Wonderful Feeling (2016) – A young woman becomes the newest recruit for a somber group of truck stop prostitutes

Old Man (2012) – An animated rendering of Charles Manson’s insane telephone rants

Omega Mart (2021) – Promo for Meow Wolf’s installation, a “totally normal supermarket in Las Vegas,” featuring many of the commodities you can find there and a deepfake of Willie Nelson

Once There Was a King (2011) – This Polish fairy tale/lullaby is sure to bring the wee ones nightmares

Once Upon a Pretzel (2018) – A four-eyed turtle monster is beckoned out of its cage by flute music and pretzels

One Pill (2009) – Atmospheric meditation on memory and forgetfulness

One Soldier (1999) – Deadpan comedian Steven Wright plays a Civil War soldier contemplating death

One Week (1920) – Buster Keaton tries to build a house following sabotaged instructions

Ooze (2017) – An elevator boy’s loneliness pulls him out of body and mind

Ooze (2023) – A college student returns home for an awkward fettuccine dinner with his parents, carting goop in his suitcase

Operator (2013) – Bob comes into contact with a bio-mechanical parasite while hard at work at his robotic job

“Orangina Commercial” (ca 2011) – The French see inter-species bestiality as a perfectly natural way to hawk orange soda

The Ordinary (2016) – This short begins at the conclusion of a fight between a man and a dragon, then gets strange

Orhesticulanismus (2008) – Mathieu Labaye’s animated tribute to his paralyzed father

The Other Side of the Box (2018) – A romantic night in is interrupted by a visit from an old friend bearing a gift

Otto and the Electric Eel (2011) – Electric eel: it’s what’s for dinner

The Outside Voice (2009) – A maladjusted loner takes a terrifying walk in this vodka advertisement

Overload (2015) – A man returns to Earth after an extended stay in space

Ovo (2012) – Three men prepare for their death on a barren planet

The Owl Man (2015) – Mockumentary about the not-so-reclusive Owl Man

Painting with Joan (2017) – Every painting tells a story, and Joan’s is a story best left off of the canvas. (This short was later incorporated into the feature VHYes (2019).)

The Palace (2014) – A boy seeks sanctuary from the world that is crumbling around him, but it seems every open pathway dissipates before his eyes

Pamon (2016) – Cute little animated critters who communicate via chest hair

Parametric Expression (2013) – Putting the human face through its CGI paces

Parasite Choi (2012) – Morphing digital magic in a post-apocalyptic desert

Parking Lot (2013) – A surreal, animated drive in a geometric world

The Passion of Judas (2014) – Recreation of an odd Spanish Easter ritual—the burning of Judas in effigy

Pastel Noir (2019) – A surreal moving painting on the nasty subject of rape and revenge

Past Forward (2016) – An elegant, Hitchcock-esque dream from auteur

Pauline (2016) – A woman bemoans the haunting of her kitchen stove

The Performer (2020) – After being electrocuted back into consciousness, a popstar prepares for his performance with a unique warm-up routine

Peripheria (2015) – Wild dogs roam an abandoned council estate

Peter and the Paper Wolves (2012) – A magician teaches Peter how to get a song out of a clown’s head

The Pet Files (2019) – “X Files” parody about FBI agents who read animal’s minds to solve crimes

Phantasmagoria Slideshow (2008) – Psychedelic artist ‘s mescaline-morphed canvases

Philip Seymour Hoffman on Happiness (2014) – An animation of the late actor ‘s thoughts on the titular subject

The Piano (2011) – A trip to a piano factory turns into a surreal recital where the instrument consumes the performers

Picnic (1987) – A combination of classic animation, depraved stills, and experimental music

Pierrot Lunaire (2002) – Arnold Schoenberg’s atonal poems given avant-garde visuals

Pile (2019) – A bleak look at the contrast between agriculture and a city piled on top of it

Pinocchio (1999) – Where Disney’s version marginalized the darker elements of the novel, Gianluigi Toccafondo’s adaptation brings them to the center

Pioneer (2001) – A man tells a bedtime story to his adopted son about how he met the boy’s mother, but it couldn’t possibly be literally true

Pizza Monster (2018) – After a breakup, a man’s tears on a pile of leftovers magically combine to produce a cheese and meat covered girlfriend

Place (2019) – A family moves into a new house that is already occupied by faces that don’t like them

A Place We Call Reality (2018) – Kristoffer Borgli takes a break from acting and directing to search for meaning in his life through the guidance of a vaping Taiwanese bodybuilder

Plague Roach (2020) – A survivor searching for human interaction in a world overcome by robots finds a can of Pasta Quackies, a bottle of absinthe, and a walkie-talkie that repeats GPS coordinates

Plantarium (2020) – When a boy sprouts from a flower pot, it appears that he will require regular pruning

Plastic Bag (2009) – A plastic bag wonders about the purpose of its existence when its owner discards it. Narrated by Werner Herzog

Playhouse (1921) – Buster Keaton dreams of a vaudeville show starring Buster Keaton

Playing for Keeeps (2011) – Greedy animated men go to despicable lengths to best each other over a few coins

Plunge – An animated man falls from an impossible height into a surreal world

Pluto and the Vessel (2013) – Experimental claymation about a lonely man communing with a corpse (?)

Poen (1967) – Leonard Cohen reads his own Poen accompanied by a collage of fascinating and disturbing still images

Police (2018) – Animated depiction of a  a police officer who is still tormented by his most difficult day on the force years later

Ponpon (2011) – Japanese pop idol Kyary Pamyu Pamyu happily vomits ravens and eyeballs

Possibly in Michigan (1983) – Experimental musical about two women followed by a masked man who has a reputation of killing and eating women

Praying Transnomia (2012) – Headscratching art installation featuring two German men reciting repetitive phrases

Prebirth (2018) – Babies have their durability to drum and bass tested by what can only be described as a trio of Imperial Army Pyramidheads

Prie Dieu (2012) – Award-winning experimental film bringing you praying mantises as you’ve never seen them before

Proceeds of Crime (2019) – A bicycle gang makes a living cutting off the hair of their victims to sell to the black market

Prospect (2013) – A teenage girl and her father prospect for minerals on a distant planet

Pupa (2014) – A pubescent boy sees adults as monsters and fears what he will become

Puppets (2011) – Two directors wearing people-puppets clash over the direction of a scene

The Pure and the Damned (2017) – Music video with as a zombie crooner

The Purgatory of Monotony (2014) – A bored rich woman plays imaginative games with her possessions

Quarantine Dog Good Boy (2020) – Martin the Dog narrates his experience during “The Great Human Sadness” of 2020

Quartet (2019) – An dysfunctional string quartet has 10 seconds to put down the buffalo wings and perform

Quasi at the Quackadero (1975) – Underground cartoon about a duck sent to a psychedelic time-travel amusement park as part of a murder scheme

Rabbit (2005) – Award-winning, scary animated anti-greed fable about a girl who finds a magical idol inside the body of a rabbit

Rabbit’s Blood (2017) – A girl is caught in a bloody conflict between her people and camera-wielding rabbits

Radioactive Flesh: Sculpture (2010) – Sculptor/filmmaker J.S. Avila takes us on a creepy cinematic tour of his 2010 piece “Radioactive Flesh.”

Ratimis (2017) –  Manipulated horror movie imagery from adorns this Brahm music video

Rat Pack Rat (2014) – A Sammy Davis, Jr. impersonator shares an extremely uncomfortable visit with a dying boy

Rattle (2003) – Effective animated depiction of man’s lifelong dedication to walloping his fellow man

A Real Indication (1992)David Lynch-directed music video for a song that made the Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me soundtrack

Rebranded Mickey Mouse (2023) – Watch this rebranded, darker version of Mickey Mouse before Disney lawyers pull it down (or worse, use it as a pretext for war)

The Recipe (2014) – A weird Thanksgiving turkey recipe

recycleD – Reo (2006) – A passenger finds herself lost while being ferried about by a limousine driver with amnesia

Red Hot Drops (2005) – Weirdly drawn music video by animator/musician Chad Vangaalen

Reduction (2010) – Animated illustration of an odd theory about the subconscious

Regenerative Being (2017) – Animated, atmospheric music video in which a man watches an operatic concert through a hole in a hotel room wall

Remember Me (2013) – A man fears that he will cease to exist if someone else is not thinking of him at all times

Renegade (2014) – Camp-laden parody of 1950s men’s adventure magazines

Rest (2012) – Wordless undead drama about a zombie seeking peace

The Return of John Frum (2010) – A prophecy from a religion that never was

The Reveres (2013) – Internet paranoia in the NSA age

Right Place (2006) – Award-winning short from Kosai Sekine about a Japanese clerk with obsessive compulsions

Right Place Wrong Tim (2018) –  The filming of a sitcom in front of a live studio audience takes a dark turn when a Tim clone enters

A Riveting Thriller (2019) – A parody of a thriller monologue

Room 8 (2013) – A new prisoner finds his bunkmate has a weird secret he keeps in a box

Royal Game (2007) – Two porcelain-faced beings play a mystical game of chess, accompanied by an original score for guitar and percussion

Rules of Play (2018) – Visitors get together for a series of abstract games

Ruminations; Ppl Are Not Flowers (2011) – This impressive, bizarre stop-motion animation was actually a high school project!

Le Sacre du Printemps (2004) – Stravinsky ballet reimagined as a Santeria voodoo ritual

The Sacrifice of Isaac (2018) – A fairly literal re-enactment of a passage in Genesis

Salad Fingers – Cupboard (2007) – this representatively bizarre episode from David Firth’s weird animated web series sees Salad Fingers driven into his safety cupboard by unpleasant radio broadcasts

Salad Fingers – Glass Brother (2019) –  Salad Fingers has a new family member

Salma (2011) – An animator uses weirdness to protest unexploded ordinance

Samsung x Charles Jeffrey – Night Mode (2023) – Samsung’s new “night mode” makes you dream of sheep, night-blooming flowers, and avant-garde dance troupes

santa clau (2019) – Santa’s worker kills the Christmas vibe by complaining that the elves need food

Santa’s Message 3 c/o Astron-6 (2014) – Santa has a Christmas message for you—a final message?

Satanic Panic ’87 (2019) – A brother and sister follow the orders of a TV aerobics instructor to gain access to the gates of hell

Saucer Man (2015) – An alien’s relocation to this planet is told in primitive-CGI graphics that make it look like a 90s video game

S-Bahn (2011) – Strange creatures ride the subway in this mix of animation and live action

Scavengers (2016) – Two astronauts collect samples from a bizarre alien biome

Sea Devil (2015) – A fisherman smuggling two Cuban immigrants finds an unusual catch

Seed (2004) – Stop-motion horror with some arresting imagery

See Spot Squeal (2017) – An afternoon of dog sitting gets off to a bad start

Sefton’s Dream (2012) – A lazy, dreamlike animation using paint and a Sega graphic-board video game

Self-Assembly (2015) – A married couple impulse purchases a ready-to-assemble cabinet through a questionable internet ad

Semáforo (2013) – The thesis of thius animated film is there’s a circus going on inside stoplights

The Separation (2003) – Surgically separated, stop-motion Siamese twins yearn to be reattached

Server Room (2019) – Richard Brautigan’s 1967 poem “All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace” enhanced with modern visuals and audio for an immersive experience

Seven Dreams (2019) – A comedian finds a clever but ineffective way to get multiple gigs in a day in front of a built-in audience by performing his routine in theaters just minutes before the movie is about to start

Shadow Passage (2019) – A woman explores rooms in her home, finding a smaller version of herself occupying them

Shalva (2018) – An animated meditation moves from breathing exercises to Krav Maga

“A Sharp Education” – 1950s newsreel of mom throwing knives at her daughters

Ship of Fools (2016) – An animated art experiment that skips around to different characters in different timelines, gets existential and serious, and then jumps to lowbrow humor

Sick (2015) – Young mother Ellie daydreams in the hospital as her baby is admitted with a mystery illness

Sick Leave (2012) – Speedy shifting animated surreal landscapes

Sight (2012) – An alien figure seeks to take the life of his bound and sightless victim

Singing Babies (unknown) – VHS relic: an unintentionally horrifying skit of singing babies that turns nightmarish as the sandman snatches the tots

Sissy-Boy Slap-Party (1995) – It’s what the title says it is; pre-code homoerotica based on a Three Stooges fetish

Sisters (2013) – A woman gives her sister a surprise visit after a paranormal experience

S.I.T.E. (2008) – Military sightings of weird aliens in the desert

Six to Six (2019) – An insomniac new mother’s home appears foreign to her

Skin for Skin (2017) – The governor of the largest fur trading company in the world follows his insatiable greed to its inevitable conclusion

Skinlines (2009) – A peek under a man’s skin reveals a bizarre world of organs spouting eyeballs

The Sleep of Reason (2002) – There’s a strong Guy Maddin feel to this evocative short about a mental patient undergoing shock therapy

Sleeves / Ron & Fez – Serzone (2009) – Bristol-Myers Squibb declined to use this experimental video by a fan of the comedy radio show Ron & Fez as an advertisement for their antidepressant, Serzone

Slow Bob in the Lower Dimensions (1991)‘s promising directorial debut

S.L.U.G.Z. (2020) – Five years into the future, two slugs fish for a valuable bounty that would afford them a new life and a good pair of lips

The Small Space [Der Kleinere Raum] (2009) – Claustrophobia via claymation

Smoke (2008) – The term “Lynchian” is overused, but it fits this smoky, surreal, professional impressionist piece by Grzegorz Cisiecki

Snakes in My Belly (2016) – A cartoon rabbit gets snakes in his belly and a real snake drinks from a water glass

Snowballs (2011) – Another Harmony Korine provocation, this time poking at Native American stereotypes as well as white trash

Snow White Cologne (2017) – Animated poem describing the narrator’s sister’s experience as a teenage drug addict

Socialist Circle (2015) – Anarchic animation with a number of crowded tableaux that get busier as they go on

Sock Six (2020) – In waht may be David Firth’s weirdest animated short to date, a man goes on a series of adventures, while trying to sneak in a kiss with one-quarter of a human face

Solipsist (2012) – Colorful, award-winning experimental short with humans evolving into colorful, flowery, abstract forms

Sombra Dolorosa (2004) – A widow must win a wrestling bout with death before an eclipse arrives to save her daughter from suicide—FROM SUICIDE!

Some Folks Call It a Sling Blade (1994) – This proof-of-concept short for Sling Blade takes place inside the mental institution before Karl Childers’ release

Something in the Garden (2021) – There is something in the garden

Sometimes I Think About Things, and Sometimes I Get Sad (2020) – A man monologues over various images, including a jogging featherless bird

Somewhere (2013) –  An animated astronaut journeys to another planet, leaving his left arm behind with his lover

Sororal (2019) – A rumor of a tidal wave is just the first sign that three sisters’ lives are in peril in this French puppet animation

Souvenirs (2022) – A companion-for-hire balances his time with his eclectic clientele

 So What If the Goats Die (2019) – An Iranian goat herder heads to the village for food to find that the world has drastically changed in his absence

Spacious Thoughts (2009) – Experimental animated music video from N.A.S.A., featuring the voices of Kool Keith and Tom Waits

Spaghetter Getter (2022) – A father struggles with eating spaghetti and other basic tasks as a black and white infomercial character

Spell of the West (2018) – A cactus farmer tries to track down an elusive lumberjack cutting down her crop

“Spirit #1” (2019) – Horror; a mysterious man tells a woman of his ill intentions for her friend

Splendona (2017) – Nightmares of a disfigured model

Spooky Loops (2024) – Virtual reality ghosts, devil worshipers, and baby torturers haunt this collection of horrific and satirical gif-like animations

The Stain (1991) – Disturbingly deadpan tale of a dysfunctional family inspired by an odd obituary notice

Steamed Hams but it Was Banned in the USSR (2023) – Possibly the weirdest iteration of this YouTube meme turns the “Simpsons” sketch into a parable of despair, in an authentic Soviet animation style

Sterile Flower (2017) – Short stop-animation that doesn’t lack in attention to detail or creepiness

Still Life (2015) – Drowsy visuals of a truck on fire and a dissolving Alka-Seltzer tablet escalate into… something else

Stilts (2019) – A young man dreams of having his stilts removed

The Stolen Bible trailer – There’s no way this movie could possibly live up to the brilliance this garbled, carnivalesque trailer – is there?

The Stop (2018) – Gloria and her friends are flagged down by a Border Patrol officer while waiting for psychedelic drugs to kick in

The Stork (2001) – A bizarre image—babies as bombs—drives this overpopulation allegory

The Strange Ones (2011) – A boy and a man who may or may not be his brother break into a deserted motel pool

Strawberry Eaters  (2018) – Two strawberry farmers lose their home to a snail infestation which also infects the husband’s mind

Streaks on the China (2011) – A vaudevillian sings an annoying tune

Strife on Mars? (2011) – From Gibby Goo Bop comes this uplifting, impressive musical nonsense starring a tree-hugging hippie and his imaginary friends

Stucco (2019) – An agoraphobic woman woman takes her chances with a human-hair-spewing hole in the wall

Stuffed (2021) – An accomplished taxidermist and a man afraid of aging find something resembling love in this quirky musical

Subconscious Password (2013) – A man’s subconscious is visualized as a game show, where he tries to remember the name of the old friend he meets at the bar with the help of “celebrity” guests

A Subjective Story of an Object (2014) – Philosophical mediation on the nature of thing-ness

Sugarplum Santa (2014) – Scenes from Santa’s Enchanted Village (1964) (produced by ) paired with the Portsmouth Sinfonia’s humorously amateurish rendition of “Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy”

Sugar Show (2020) – Characters go through bestial and monstrous transformations as they search for love in this animation exploring the mysteries of human attraction

Sultana Meadows (2006) – Amateur, but highly Lynchian, short film from Spike McKenzie

Summer Light (2001) – A “Victorian Fantasy” with headless antlers jumping out of lakes and a pyromaniac toddler

Sunbelly (2020) – A space-faring dog scouts a desolate planet, discovering its species’ long-forgotten origin

The Sun Like a Big Dark Animal (2016) – A computer wonders if its user reciprocates its love for her

Sunspring (2016) – Dystopian sci-fi script written by an artificial intelligence program

Supermercado (2012) – Weird supermarket prank by a crazy consumer

The Suplex Duplex Complex (2017) – A duplex of pro wrestlers get into trouble with the law when their landlord dies in a bicycle accident explosion

The Surrogate (2020) – A man finds something that looks like a giant, fleshy cocoon on his way home, and doesn’t have the sense to leave it alone

Table D’Hote (2014) – Abstract animation centered around factory farming

Take Me Please (2018) – A public restroom tarot reader assures a Hungarian hitchhiker that he’s made the right decision to leave his girlfriend (animated)

The Tale of How (2006) – An operatic story about flightless birds being devouredby a giant tentacled monster

Tale of the Deaf (2021) – A rowdy group of tavern dwellers have their evening interrupted by a whimsical man with a mind-altering barrel organ

The Tale of the Floating World (2001) – A surrealistic montage of Japanophilic iconography

The Talking Tree (2019) – A man happens upon a talking tree, and seizes the opportunity to gain insight on existence

Tarboz (2015) – Stream-of-consciousness sci-fi animation

The Taste in My Mouth (2018) – Abstract clones of various sizes interact with each other in this dialog-free short

Teeth (2015) – An elderly man tells the cringeworthy history of his lifelong obsession with teeth

Telephones for Eyes (2023) – Frenetic music video invoking social anxiety and body horror through a mixture of CGI, AI, practical effects and stop motion

Teletubbies: The Last Sunset (2019) – The cute children’s characters seek to blow up the sun

Terrorvision 3000 (2018) – Four friends have a -esque experience watching TV in a crammed room

The Tesla World Light (2017) – This experimental short brings to life Tesla’s pleas to J.P. Morgan for funds, complete with a revolving-headed pigeon

Thank You (2020) – Toledo, the fourth-wall-breaking duck, is invited to Alverado’s birthday party

Theodore of the Absurd (2012) – A filmmaker tries to get a romantic musical made in an alternate world where the avant-garde is mainstream and linear movies are considered outre

There Were Four of Us (2019) –  This surrealist animation begins with four suspects trapped in a room

The Tell-Tale Heart (2008)This early short is an adaptation of the famous story

Think About This (????) – Looks like a vintage industrial safety short, with bad gore effects and a ballad soundtrack that turns it unintentionally surreal

This House Has People in It (2016) – Courtesy of Adult Swim comes this surveillance footage of a family meltdown when the daughter starts sinking through the wood flooring of their kitchen

This Is Only a Test (2012) – A woman faces numerous tests, from pregnancy to crash

This Is She (2015) – A woman tries to settle into her new apartment, but there’s a strange spot on the wall that she can’t seem to cover up

This Moment Is Not (2011) – A New Age-y meditation demonstration put through psychedelic paces

The Threatened One (1999) – Sexy animated take on Jorge Luis Borges’ melancholy love poem

Three – Hey UK, Join The 5G Future (2020) – A commercial for Three’s new 5G network with wacky predictions about the future that could also be viewed as a protest against 5G

Three… or Apple? (2009) – Experimental, nearly silent tinted short from Serbia refers to Buñuel and the Biblical story of creation

Through the Weeping Glass (2011) – Quay Brothers documentary about medical oddities

Thumb Snatchers from the Moon Cocoon (2012) – A Texas sheriff battles thumb-snatching aliens in this nutty stop motion spoof

Thunder Road (2016) – An officer gives a unique eulogy at his mother’s funeral, which includes a karaoke performance of one of her favorite songs

Tick Tick Tick (2020) – Employees are required to watch a film explaining how to have a conversation

“Tim and Eric Awesome Show Good Job!: H’amb” – an ultra-black clip from the cult TV show, starring William Sanderson and Karen Black and involving murder-suicide and bargain lamb substitutes

Timelines (2015) – A man tries to keep his youthful appearance by any means necessary

Time Rodent (2016) – A time-traveling rodent documents the life of a humanoid species that lives off of artificial light

“Time Slime” (2012) – Episode 1 of “the Bravest Warriors,” an absurdist spoof of kid’s superhero cartoons, introduces us to its weird characters as they face an insidious time loop

Toe (2019) – A starving stop-motion animated boy stumbles upon his next meal: a toe

Tom R. Toe (2011) –  A shirtless tomato farmer sings a hypnotic ode to his favorite crop

To Oblivion (1993) – Low budget short film combining three H.P. Lovecraft dream stories

Too Many Cooks (2014) – It starts as an 80s sitcom, then turns into a surrealistic massacre

To Shoot a Rurf (2007) – Surrealistic urban short with a strung-out, despairing feel

Toys (1966) – War toys prove a downer for kids

Trailer of a Film That Will Never Exist: Phony Wars (2023)‘s final, unfinished feature, released as a 20-minute experimental “trailer”

Transporter (2013) – A nerdy member of a human trafficking gang believes he has the power of teleportation

The Trick Is the Treat (2013) – Angus Scrimm narrates this psychedelic essay on “the euphoria of the Halloween candy score… and the paranoia of the Halloween candy predator…”

The Trip (2009) – Experimental music video incorporating public domain footage from LSD scare films; highly psychedelic

A Trip to the Moon (1902) – The whimsical sci-fi fantasy that started it all

A Trip to the Orphanage (2004) – A soprano sings a sad lament as a man mournfully marches in the snow and curtains billow in this re-purposed deleted scene from The Saddest Music in the World

A Truncated Story of Infinity (2012) – A small glimpse of the infinite variations of a man who, in at least one universe, is named Vincent

Trying to Choose a Movie on a Date (2021) – A couple tries to choose between titles such as Old Man City and a 223 minute romantic comedy called The Heart of the Equation

Turning (2010): A young boy’s surreal sixth birthday, highlighted by a visit from three elderly flamingo-women

Tutoiral (2014) – Alan’s 2014 “tutoiral” is more a video of him rummaging through garbage and ripping apart drywall

TV Sale (1975) – If you missed the absurdist horror of television in the 1970s firsthand, this contemporary animated satire will allow you to relive those horrifying days

Twelve Days of Black Mass (2009) – Another creepy Christmas short, this one featuring a spooky doll performing mysterious rituals accompanied by “Sesame Street” style graphics

The Twin Girls of Sunset Street (2010) – Horrific, dialogue-free stop motion animation about twins selling taboo goods

Ugly (2018) – A mystic Native American shows concern for an unfortunate and ugly cat in a computer-generated world with Styrofoam physics

Umo (2007) – A psychedelic, tribal music video from the avant-garde Japanese band OOIOO

Undone (2008) – Fishing is a metaphor for Alzheimer’s disease in this melancholy stop-animated short

Unicorn (2012) – A young woman demonstrates what a unicorn is

Unicorn Blood [Sangre de Unicornio] (2013) – Teddy bears hunt unicorns in this twisted animation

The Unreal Rabbit’s Riddle (2010) – The surreal adventures of a stuffed rabbit

[user assumes risk] June 18, 2008 – Remarkable performance piece set to electronic noise, for director John Hand’s band

Use Tantrum (2020) – This “Adult Swim” PSA will show you how to finally start drawing attention to yourself and ruining family dinner once again

Valentime’s Day (2013) – A six year old girl tells an adorably weird story about two kids who refuse to believe it’s “Valentime’s” Day, acted out by adults including Cassandra Peterson

Valeria (2016) – The subject of the world’s first successful face transplant believes that her donor is psychically contacting her

The Vandal (2021) – Harold undergoes a lobotomy after suffering a devastating loss, which sets him off on a destructive path illustrated through a blend of live-action and frightening stop-motion sequences

Vertigo A.I. (2021) – Using Vertigo as input, a 2021 artificial intelligence creates a surreal “movie”

Vessel (2015) – A mentally ill woman takes her young son on a midnight trip to the supermarket

Vic Berger Presents Jim Bakker’s Buckets (2015) – Absurd re-edit of an already absurd televangelist segment about preparing bulk food to survive the tribulations

Vienna Waits for You (2012) – Strange horror-comedy about an apartment that refuses to adapt to its new resident

Vincent (1982) – Impressive, expressionistic stop-motion animation debut by Tim Burton, about a 7-year old boy who wants to be like Vincent Price

The Violence of a Civilization Without Secrets (2017) – Experimental short documentary about the controversial “Kennewick Man” skeleton

The Virgin Herod (2011) – Adolescence as depicted in this grotesque, surreal short is almost as nightmarish as it is in reality

The Visitor (2005) – A solitary old woman senses that invisible presences surround her in this modern silent film with an original piano scroe

A Visit to the Dune (1984) Set (2024)‘s hallucinatory trip to the set of 1984’s Dune, where pugs romp in the sand and is perpetually drunk

A Vodka Movie (2008) – Uncomfortably absurd, commissioned ad for Absolut Vodka, starring Zack Galafinkas and Tim & Eric

Voice Farm Cult House (2012) – A peek at an alien-worshiping cult, courtesy of a San Francisco based electropop duo

Wade (2020): Kolkata is flooded and invaded by tigers

The Waiting Room (2012) – Jumpy line drawings illustrate the evolution of a weird waiting room

Wake Up (2010) – Clever and fun amateur piece by college students using simple techniques that proves you don’t need a budget to get in the weird spirit

The Walk Home (2014) – A boy weaves through a world of surreal urban violence on his journey home

A Walk on the Weird Side (2008) – A strange morning stroll, created to promote an exhibition of Surrealist art

Waltz for One (2012) – A solitary astronaut goes insane in space

War for Dogs (2018) – Vision of a dystopian future where dogs are almost forgotten

We Ate the Children Last (2011) – An experimental cancer treatment causes patients to hunger for garbage

Webwurld (2017) – Experimental short depicting the digital world behind the screen that simultaneously is and is not our own

Weird Movies (2018) – An unflattering portrait of the average weird movie fan

Wet Fish (2023) – A man wants, and gets, a slap on the belly with a wet fish

We Were Once a Fairytale (2009) – Odd little short film directed by Spike Jonze and starring Kanye West (playing himself) as an obnoxious drunk

What Happened to Crow 64? (2020) – explains the mystery behind the long-forgotten and unreleased Nintendo 64 game “Catastrophe Crow”

What on Earth (2023) – As a Mysterious Deadly Disease rages, an aspiring influencer hopes a smoothie deal will make her universally beloved—but will her nemesis, Lamp, ruin everything?

When the Moon Was Gibbous (2021) – Pesky humans invade an alien ecosystem in this Fantastic Planet-inspired animation

Wicked Girl (2016) – A young victim of sexual violence talks about monsters, God, and tomato paste bread in this heartbreaking experimental animation

Wild (2018) – On a weekend vacation, an ill-tempered father discovers that everyone and everything has turned against him

Will Forte & Zabrecky Conduct a Seance to Summon W.C. Fields (2019) – Will Forte and conduct a seance to summon in hopes of finding out what his best movies are, and stuff like that. Part of a seance-themed webseries.

The Wingeater (2011) – Surreal mix of live action and stop motion with creepy masks and dolls

Winners (2013) – A narrator divulges the secret of success, as illustrated by four Great White Explorers and their broken-down jeep

Wofl 21o6 (2006) – Strange, stylized animation mixing wolves, UFOs, opera and video games

Wolfgang, Wolfgang Jr. (2015) – An obsessive architect seeks immortality through one last design

Women Are Mean (2018) – A man vents about his marriage and goes to a shoreline to self-reflect with other emasculated men

Wonder (2009) – A man cuts a bleeding apple, the soundtrack keeps changing, and doctors work to save a patient in a living room in this genuinely surreal three minutes from an anonymous director (or directors)

The Wonder Hospital (2010) – A stop-motion trip to see a surreal plastic surgeon

World of Glory (1991) – Depressing absurdism about the bourgeois cowardice of Swedes from Roy Andersson; included on Cinema 16: European Short Films

World of Tomorrow (2015)‘s melancholy, psychedelic stick-figure animation about a time-traveling clone and a four-year old girl was nominated for a Best Short Animated Film Oscar

World of Tomrrorow 2: The Burden of Other People’s Thoughts (2017) – Emily’s 6th clone visits the now five-year-old girl in this similarly reflective sequel

World of Tomorrow Episode 3: The Absent Destinations of David Prime (2020) – Emily Prime is missing from this installment, but an Emily clone appears to David Prime giving him instructions to secure their future romance and to avoid his own assassination

Worm (2010) – A man’s brain is infested with worms

Write of Passage (2010) – An alcoholic author discovers his typewriter writing by itself

X-Mess Detritus (2008) – A joyous, memento mori stop-motion animated Christmas short, from Voltaire

Yokai Bob the Builder (2021) – Yokai Bob the Builder looms in on a Japanese couple with a leaky roof asking, “Can we fix it?”

You Are Awake (2015) – An illness puts its victims into a death-like sleep for days at a time

You’re Absolutely Right (2022) – A hotline whose business model is to affirm that their callers are “absolutely right” finds itself in a quandary when a client thinks her mailman is in on the grocer’s conspiracy

Your Houseplants Are Screaming (2023) – A houseplant keeps humans as houseplants

You Seen My Goat? (2014) – As advertised, the search for a goat constitutes this absurd comedy short

You Will Never Take Me Away from You (2016) – An overbearing mother prepares her son for life in her absence, and makes him promise to keep wearing the mask in this short precursor to the feature La Pietà (2022)

Yum Yum Shampoo (2007) – If you think Japanese commercials are weird, this comedy but suggests that the people influenced by them are even weirder

The Zebras from Peenemuende (2010) – Experimental piece by “BpOlar” created to accompany a dark ambient musical composition

Zoe (2018) –  A hitwoman discovers her newest calling in life as a stand up comic

ZVP (2016) – The legendary blind samurai Zatoichi faces his strongest enemy yet in this mock film trailer

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