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“Andrejz Zulawaski: The Third Part of the Night/The Devil/On the Silver Globe“: Discussion begins. El Rob Hubbard’s review of The Third Part of the Night, The Devil, and On the Silver Globe. This limited edition three disc “Masters of Cinema” release is only available on Region B Blu-ray—at the present time, at least. Order Andrejz Zulawaski Masters of Cinema from Eureka.

Astrakan (2022): Discussion begins. Magical realist tale about an orphan uncovering secrets of his foster family. Playing in Los Angeles and releasing simultaneously on VOD. Astrakan official site.

Black Magic Rites [AKA The Reincarnation of Isabel] (1973): Discussion begins. A group of usually topless witches (or vampires) in a Gothic castle need virgin’s blood for a ritual. Obscure Eurosleaze in the tradition of , given a surprisingly reverent restored 4K Blu-ray by Indicator. Buy Black Magic Rites.

City of the Living Dead (1980): Discussion begins. Read Giles Edwards’ capsule review. ‘s zombie “classic” (to some, though we are skeptics here) receives a lavish 3-disc set, a 4K restoration with a UHD, Blu-ray, and a Blu-ray’s worth of extras. Buy City of the Living Dead.

Cosmic Disco Detective Rene: The Secret Society for Slow Romance 2 (2023): Discussion begins. Listen to our interview with director Sujewa Ekanayale on Cosmic Disco Detective Rene: The Secret Society for Slow Romance 2. New York-set mystery/comedy that will be available for rental until 9/14 (future plans unknown). Rent Cosmic Disco Detective Rene: The Secret Society for Slow Romance 2 on Vimeo.

Infinity Pool (2023): Discussion begins. Read Gregory J. Smalley’s Apocrypha Candidate review. This 4K UHD of ‘s exploration of human depravity contains about a minute of (likely inconsequential) extra footage, but also a lot of extras not on the Blu-ray release, including a Cronenberg commentary, and is in collectible steelbook format. Buy Infinity Pool (4K UHD).

Killer Condom (1996): Discussion begins. Read Shane Wilson’s review. This 3-disc edition of the queer horror comedy is a limited edition currently available at Vinegar Syndrome and a few select partners. Killer Condom at Vinegar Syndrome.

Perpetrator (2023): Discussion begins. A surrealistic feminist high school horror from about a girl who harnesses her inner monster to chase down another monster. Features a performance by Alicia Silverstone as the creepy aunt. Perpetrator official site.

The Pied Piper (1986): Discussion begins. ‘s dark stop-motion retelling of the Pied Piper myth.  Fans of should appreciate this one, which has been hard to find for some time but is rescued from obscurity by Deaf Crocodile. Buy The Pied Piper.

“Sex, Money and Power: The Films of Beth B”: Discussion begins. Beth B is a no-wave NYC filmmaker whose work is maybe more transgressive and experimental than properly “weird.” Twelve films (only two of which run over an hour) are spread over two discs.  Buy “Sex, Money and Power: The Films of Beth B.”


Canonically weird director will be next week’s special guest on Pod 366, in advance of a rare screening of his underground classic Reflections of Evil at the Los Feliz theater in Los Angeles on September 16. In written reviews, Shane Wilson drinks in the intoxicating Taoism Drunkard (1984), Giles Edwards looks at Enys Men (2022), and Gregory J. Smalley  checks out the allure of ‘ latest , Will-o’-the-Wisp (2022). Onward and weirdward!

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