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Our weekly look at what’s weird in theaters, on hot-off-the-presses DVDs and Blu-rays (and hot off the server VODs), and on more distant horizons…

Trailers of new release movies are generally available at the official site links.

IN DEVELOPMENT (announced):

The President’s Analyst (202?): The original President’s Analyst (1967) was a paranoid psychedelic satire starring as the President’s personal psychiatrist who gets drawn into a conspiracy. We don’t know anything about this update other than that the script was written by an Obama speechwriter and Trevor Noah is co-producing (and presumably taking the lead). Could be weird, could be a misfire. More from the Hollywood Reporter.

IN DEVELOPMENT (awaiting US release):

Evangelion: 3.0+1.0: Thrice Upon A Time (2021): The fourth film in ‘s Evangelion remake is finally upon us, debuting a mere seven years after the previous installment. No word on how crazy the ending gets this time out—the Japanese trailer understandably focuses on the robot battles—but it did blockbuster business in Tokyo theaters. Americans will likely have to wait for the Blu-ray or VOD release to be completely confused. We first heard the news through Cartoon Brew.


Celine and Julie Go Boating (1974): Read the Apocryphally Weird review! We’ve been waiting on this release of Jacques Rivette‘s nouvelle vague magical classic for a long time; ten years ago, we were wondering why this was not yet a part of the Criterion Collection. Now it is, on your choice of DVD or Blu-ray. Buy Celine and Julie Go Boating.

“The Dungeon of Andy Milligan”: All the Andy Milligan you’d ever want and much, much more in this box set featuring Guru the Mad Monk and a bunch of Z-grade movies with amazing titles like Fleshpots on 42nd Street and The Rats Are Coming! The Werewolves Are Here! “If you’re an Andy Milligan fan, there’s no help for you”–Michael J. Weldon.  Currently, it can be ordered exclusively from Severin Films’ website.

Jumbo (2020): The tender tale of a romance between a young woman and an amusement park attraction. Not a comedy. VOD only, at the present time. Buy or rent Jumbo.


Screenings are slowly starting to reappear on the calendar. Expect this section to start growing again.

WHAT’S IN THE PIPELINE: First up, tomorrow night’s Weird Amazon Prime party will be the canonically weird The Company of Wolves (1984). The link to join will appear here, on Facebook, or on Twitter around 10 PM ET, with the show starting at 10:15. BYOPC (bring your own popcorn), and whatever else makes life bearable. No one will judge you if you show up in your pajamas holding a bottle of Scotch.

Also, don’t forget to vote in the Weirdcademy Awards: you can help select both shorts and features. Polls will be up until April 25, and you can vote once a day. A few early favorites have already emerged, but there is plenty of time for things to change.

Finally, in next week’s new reviews, Giles Edwards will preview the new Argentinian animated comedy Lava (which sees the Earth invaded by giant cats), while confirms that, among Oscar contenders, The Father is, indeed, the only one worth your time. Onward and weirdward!

What are you looking forward to? If you have any weird movie leads that we have overlooked, feel free to leave them in the COMMENTS section.

One thought on “WEIRD HORIZON FOR THE WEEK OF 3/19/2021”

  1. That Evangelion trailer has like, two shots of any sort of fighting in it. I’m not sure how you can say it focuses on the ‘battles’ under any interpretation. Speaking of which, the second of those shots might be the craziest one in the trailer if you actually think to yourself, “how could this even fit into the story thus far?”. So I would say the trailer does a pretty good job of teasing how wild (I assume) this movie is going to be.

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