“Saturday Short” (suggestions on a better title are welcome) is a new feature where we’ll be featuring a new (to us), full-length, weird short every Saturday.  Shorts are selected by our new “shorts editor” Cameron Jorgensen.

This stop-motion animation by David Firth is just over a year old.  David found a lot of the props he uses in this animation in his own backyard.  Beware, most of his shorts are very creepy, and “Crooked (Orcus) Rot” is no exception.  A lot of his work can be defined as dark humor while this would better fit under experimental.  Musical score written by Marcus Fjellstrom.

For more of Firth’s work be sure to visit his site:

Filmmakers: if you have a short you’d like to see featured in this space, please contact us using the contact form.


  1. Amazing. I wish I had the ability to do this sort of film work. I see hints of the Brothers Quay and all those Tool videos in these as well as a lot of other things. Very much the stuff nightmares are made of, and the dark places I like to live.

    Sean McHenry

  2. i have been a fan of david firth’s for years. while other internet cartoonist start to bore me, i never tire of him. i can’t wait for his full length film to be released. when it does, i’m sure it will be one to consider for the site.

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