Just a reminder of what’s going on with the site…

First, we hope you liked the first in what we hope will be a long-running feature… the Saturday Short, where we plan to feature a new short film (usually by an up and coming filmmaker) weekly! Please welcome Cameron Jorgensen, who has graciously agreed to watch short weird movies and select the best for your enjoyment, to the 366weirdmovies team!

Hopefully, with the addition of this column we can begin to update 7 days a week, so you no longer have to wait through the weekend to start getting your weird movie fix again on Monday.

As for what’s coming up next week… reviews of the softcore surrealist flick Dr. Caligari and Chan-wook Park’s ultraviolent psychological epic Oldboy are definitely on tap, with a surprise or two (read: we haven’t decided exactly what to publish just yet.)

Don’t forget that you could win an A Clockwork Orange Blu-ray by writing a review for the site. As of now, we only have two entries (both of which will be published in the future), so your chances of winning aren’t too bad. The contest is open until September 3, 2009. Get all the details here.

We love to look at server logs (who doesn’t?) and check out the oddest search terms used to locate the site. Over the past few weeks we’ve seen “Coraline phallic” (missed that connection in our review of the children’s film), “amateur defecation movies” (weird indeed, but you’re not going to find what you’re looking for here), along with such odd requests as “busty zombie,” and “deadphallus.” But our favorite search term had a touch of honest bemusement to it: “What’s with these weird Japanese movies?” I’m not sure we can answer the question, but if anyone finds out the answer, please post it.

The reader suggested review queue looks like this: Dr. Caligari (upcoming this week), Nekromantic, UHF, Delicatessen, Pi, Angel’s Egg, Institute Benjamenta, Pan’s Labyrinth, Ex Drummer, Waking Life, Survive Style 5+, The Dark Backward, The Short Films of David Lynch, and Santa Sangre. We hope to knock off at least one of these per week, two on a good week. Some of those are out-of-print and difficult to locate, so they may be tackled in a different order than they were submitted.

Enjoy the upcoming week!

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