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Leda official site.

Isolated Samuel Tressler IV interview

Drowning by Numbers (1988): Discussion begins. Read Shane Wilson’s review. This 4K UHD (standard Blu-ray included) is the first of several upcoming restorations and re-releases of ‘s somewhat neglected catalog. Buy Drowning by Numbers.

Lynch/Oz (2022): Discussion begin. A documentary exploring the influence of The Wizard of Oz on the work of , with , , and , and among those offering theories. Now in select theaters after its festival run; we assume VOD and North American physical media are coming soon. Lynch/Oz official site.

Night of the Hunter (1955): Discussion begins. Read the Canonically Weird entry! Kino puts the ultimate love/hate movie on 4K UHD. It contains a new commentary and different features than the 2014 Criterion Collection Blu-ray. Buy Night of the Hunter.

Please Baby Please (2022): Discussion begins. Read Gregory J. Smalley’s review. ‘s queer musical comes to DVD this week (it was already on VOD, and will arrive on Blu-ray in a few weeks). Buy Please Baby Please.

Red Cockroaches (2003): Discussion begins. A microbudgeted, experimental dystopian sci-fi feature. Originally released straight to DVD, it’s now reissued on Blu-ray by the DTV preservationists of Saturn’s Core. Buy Red Cockroaches.

Something in the Dirt (2022): Discussion begins. Read Giles Edwards’ review. conspiracy drama/thriller, previously on VOD and DVD, is now out on Blu-ray. Buy Something in the Dirt.

Space Is the Place (1974): Discussion begins. Read Alfred Eaker’s review. Music specialists Modern Harmonic (who have a relationship with Something Weird video and do fool around with movies sometimes) sneak out new release of ‘s spacey classic, disguising a DVD and Blu-ray as bonus features to their soundtrack release (usually, it goes the other way ’round!) Buy Space Is the Place.

Unidentified Objects (2022): Discussion begins. A homosexual dwarf takes a road trip with an alien abduction nut in what at first looks like a quirky comedy, but hints at something potentially weirder. Rex Reed didn’t like this “oddball curio“, which is enough of an endorsement for us to want to check it out. Unidentified Objects official site.


(Damselvis, Daughter of Helvis) is our scheduled guest on Pod 366 next week; we’ll also be joined for the first time by El Rob Hubbard. We’ll continue this week’s longform/divided format for that episode, at least.

In written reviews next week, Shane Wilson looks at A Woman’s Face (1941), Giles Edwards stays in the 40s for the ghost tale Brooklyn 45 (2023), and Gregory J. Smalley takes on the new indie On Our Way (2023).

Also, we will be hosting another Weird Watch Party this week! You can always see the schedule in the sidebar, but we’ll reiterate here:

Tuesday, June 6 at 7:30 PM: Un Chien Andalou (1929) on Tubi via Discord (free for all and extra short!)

Onward and weirdward!

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