Those of you who are good at math may realize that, with the publication of our 266th Certified Weird review last week, we have exactly one hundred movies left to enshrine on the List of the 366 Best Weird Movies ever made.

We’re not going to make too big a deal over this landmark, because at our current rate of one Certified Weird review per week, that still leaves about two years of work left. There is one small announcement I’d like to make, however. Since the beginning of the project I (G. Smalley) have personally approved every single movie that goes on the List. As a small nod to the excellent taste and wide-ranging knowledge of our hard-working contributors, which often exceeds my own, I’ve decided to allow each of them to add one personally significant movie to the List—a movie they believe belongs on any sane list of insane movies, but are afraid I might pass over if left to my own devices. I’ll designate these as “Staff Picks,” and when their turn comes up I’ll link back to this post so you’ll know what the hell I’m talking about. This will also serve as a place you can see everyone’s personalized recommendations, so I’ll be updating this post over the next two years.

Without further ado, here are the Staff Picks, in chronological order of their addition to the List:

Alfred Eaker Female Trouble (1974)

Pete TrbovichNothing But Trouble (1991)

El Rob Hubbard  – Thundercrack! (1975)

Terri McSorleyIndecent Desires (1968)

Shane WilsonThe Tingler (1959)

Meet the Feebles (1989)

Rafael MoreiraPerfect Blue (1997)

Giles EdwardsA Field in England (2013)

Eric YoungUrusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer (1984)

Alex KittleTrue Stories (1986)

2 thoughts on “STAFF PICKS AND THE FINAL 100”

  1. Love the Female Trouble pick.

    This is probably as appropriate a time as any for me ask: G. Smalley, given that you have personally approved every single movie that goes on the List…do you ever look back and have any regrets?

    I’m guessing maybe stuff that has been branded ‘Beware’, like After Last Season (a film that I adore and one that deserves it’s spot here, but I understand that the mileage certainly varies).

    Honestly, is there anything that you would, in retrospect, like to remove from the List?

    Enquiring minds and all…

    1. Not that I would publicly admit to. I have doubts about a couple, but they are probably not the movies you’re thinking of. Then there are movies I personally don’t like a lot, like Gummo and Sweet Movie, but I recognize that they belong here. After Last Season is not one I have doubts about; terrible as it is, there’s nothing in the world like it, and never could be.

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