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Slamdance discussion: https://youtu.be/JLuY89gbeZE?t=63

Alchemy of the Spirit: https://youtu.be/JLuY89gbeZE?t=378

Inu-Oh: https://youtu.be/JLuY89gbeZE?t=605

Playing with Fire: https://youtu.be/JLuY89gbeZE?t=954

2022 Weirdcademy Award nominations: https://youtu.be/JLuY89gbeZE?t=1308

Where to eat in Louisville, KY: https://youtu.be/JLuY89gbeZE?t=1755

Discussed in this episode:

Alchemy of the Spirit (2022): A man awakens to find his wife lying dead beside him. The “Santa Fe New Mexican” called it “pure cinema in the tradition of the films of Andrei Tarkovsky and Stan Brakhage.” With . Now available exclusively on-demand. Buy or rent Alchemy of the Spirit.

Infinity Pool (2023):   and star in this horror from about a vacationing couple discovering a secret world of hedonistic excess and paradoxical justice. Sundance fright fans seemed to like it, so we’re hopeful the theatrical release is a hit, too. Infinity Pool official site.

Inu-Oh (2021): Read Giles Edwards’ festival review. ‘s latest, an animated rock opera set in 14th century Japan about a blind biwa player and a deformed man under a curse, arrives on Blu-ray. The Shout! Factory disc includes a Yuasa interview and other exclusive featurettes. Buy Inu-Oh.

Playing with Fire [Le jeu avec le feu] (1975): An overlooked, seldom-seen (in America) Alain Robbe-Grillet erotic/surrealist film with an impressive cast featuring , , and Sylvia Kristel (the impetus for the film’s re-release from Cult Epics). Review coming next week. Available on DVD or Blu-ray. Buy Playing with Fire.


Next week, we’ll be recovering from Slamdance 2021—and there may be some hangovers/reviews of late-debuting movies. We’ll also put up the official Weirdcademy Awards poll for voting on Sunday. To keep things really busy, we’ll also have reviews by Amy Vaughn (of the new “exquisite corpse” film The Seven Faces of Jane), Shane Wilson (who goes to the reader-suggested queue for Sion Sono‘s Strange Circus, 2005), and maybe even another from Giles Edwards (of Playing with Fire, above). And something else might pop up…. it’s that kind of busy week.

Also, director (A Ship of Human Skin, King Judith) will be the guest on our next episode of Pod 366 (scheduled for one week from today), so be sure to tune in!

Also, we will be hosting more Weird Watch Parties this week! You can see the schedule in the sidebar, but we’ll reiterate here:

Monday, Jan. 30 at 8:00 PM ET: Manos: The Hands of Fate (1966) on Tubi via Discord (free)

Wednesday, Feb 1 at 10:00 PM ET: Mandy (2018) on Tubi via Discord (free)

Onward and weirdward!

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