2 thoughts on “SATURDAY SHORT: MINOTAUR (1999)”

  1. The end was a bummer. I was mesmerized all the way up to the minotaur’s second visitor, and hoped some kind of spell-breaking thing was going to happen to end his loneliness, but no. It’s sad that the girl seemed compassionate but the minotaur was unable to make her engage in a dance (likely out of fear.) I’m guessing that his explosion of rage sent her flying back to whence she came, and she told the story of her encounter. The traveling knight/hero hears the story and determines the beast is a menace and must die. He then dons a mask to enter the minotaur’s lair, deceives the beast and gains his cautious trust, then kills him as a good knight would. Tragic all around.

    Technically, I liked the piece very much, especially the red ball’s vibrant color contrasting the minotaur’s lonely black-and-white world. I suppose it’s fitting that his death was caused by someone who saw the circumstances of his being as a black-and-white/good vs. evil choice. The sound effects were great, as well. I just wish there had been a happy ending 🙁

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