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The Day the Clown Cried (1972/releases 2025): Jerry Lewis’ unreleased 1972 movie about a German clown thrown into a Nazi concentration camp for making fun of Hitler is legendary. First, the film was tied up in litigation with the producer; then, screenings of the rough cut suggested that the movie was not the Academy Award caliber prestige piece Lewis had thought he was creating, but rather embarrassing kitsch of horrifying, offensive proportions. Until now, Lewis has kept the film in his private vault, unseen by anyone, but he recently donated a copy to the Library of Congress with the proviso that it not be screened for ten years (when Lewis will be 99 and presumably either dead or too senile to care about the critics’ reaction). We’ll just have to keep the site going until then (and we may have to hold slot #366 open just in case…) The Playlist reports the news.

The Trap (est. 2017): ‘s latest will be a revenge thriller (a la ?) starring and (still searching for the role that will make people forget Twilight) as downscale Miami gangsters. It sounds like a further turn towards the mainstream after Spring Breakers, but Korine does promise “complete sensory bombardment” (though not “complete weirdness”). We’ll keep our eye on it. Korine gave an update on Marc Maron’s “WTF” podcast (incidentally, this is the only time I’ve heard Korine speak where he’s not “in character”). Harmony Korine on WTF podcast (The Trap mention occurs at about 1:09 in).


Horror House on Highway 6 (2014): Students searching for a horror house hole up in the bomb shelter of a mad scientist awaiting the second coming of Elvis. This is a sequel to the 1985 film Horror House on Highway Five. Buy Horror House On Highway 6.

Patch Town (2014): The story of what happens to those “Cabbage Patch” dolls when they grow up; they become factory workers, creating more dolls for their cruel overlords in an endless cycle of toy exploitation. The Dissolve warns that “anybody unable to get on its weirdo wavelength may grow fatigued by the film’s many flights of fancy“; we suspect our readers are just the sort to get on its weirdo wavelength. Buy Patch Town.


Bushido Man (2013): Read our capsule review. A martial arts master eats meals based on the diet of his next opponent so he can better understand and defeat them; the fights are good, the plot is nonexistent, the comedy is silly, and there are detectable levels of weirdness. Watch Bushido Man free on Shout TV.

What are you looking forward to? If you have any weird movie leads that I have overlooked, feel free to leave them in the COMMENTS section.

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