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Clara Sola (2021): A Costa Rican peasant woman develops mystical healing powers, but they may not come from God. Reviewers are throwing around the words “magical realism” a lot. Clara Sola official site.


The Coca-Cola Kid (1985): directs a movie about a Coca-Cola salesman trying to market his product in the Outback. Aimed at a mainstream audience, but inevitably includes weirdo bits like a seduction by a sexy Mrs. Santa Claus. Buy The Coca-Cola Kid.

“The Films of Doris Wishman: The Twilight Years”: This set celebrating the inimitable Ms. and her strangely sleazy films knocks off with the double feature Deadly Weapons (1973) and Double Agent 73 (1974), then slimes it’s way through the amazing The Amazing Transplant (1970), Love Toy (1971), Keyholes Are for Peeping (1972), The Immoral Three (1975), and the transploitation documentary Let Me Die a Woman (1978). Buy “The Films of Doris Wishman: The Twilight Years.”

Hey, Stop Stabbing Me! (2003): A recent college graduate joins a cult where he’s forced to dig holes in the backyard and deal with a sock-stealing Sasquatch in the basement. Microbudgeted absurdist shot-on-video comedy that’s actually funny, from the guys who went on to helm the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise (which is actually not funny). Also on VOD. Buy or rent Hey, Stop Stabbing Me!

Inspector Ike (2020): Inspector Ike investigates the murder of the star member of an avant-garde acting troupe. An absurd spoof of 70s police procedurals like “Colombo.” Blu-ray only. Buy Inspector Ike.

King Car [Carro Rei] (2021): Read Giles Edwards’ festival review. A Brazilian man has a telepathic link with a car with radical politics. On Blu-ray, or rent/own on VOD. Buy or rent King Car.

Pink Flamingos (1972):Read the Canonically Weird entry. You’re a filthy liar if you said twenty years ago that you thought Pink Flamingos would be in the Criterion Collection, with two commentaries, essays, appreciations, deleted scenes, appreciative essays, the whole works. Buy Pink Flamingos.

Urusei Yatsura 4: Lum the Forever (1986): Those crazy teens and their hot alien friend Lum cut down a magical tree and find themselves trapped in various movies. More craziness for the Urusei Yatsura crew, now on North American Blu-ray. Buy Urusei Yatsura 4: Lum the Forever.

Uzumaki (2000): Read Kat Doherty’s List Candidate review. Japan’s spiral-themed death movie hits Blu-ray for the first time, courtesy of Discotek. Buy Uzumaki.

Videophobia (2019): When a woman finds one of her sexual encounters was surreptitiously filmed and put online, she develops a severe agoraphobia eventually manifesting itself in surreal imagery. Japanese, black and white, and dreamy. Blu-ray only. Buy Videophobia.


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366 Weird Movies takes a hike next week. kicks us off with Gus Van Sant‘s arid Gerry (2002), about two men who take a long walk in the desert, while goes in a different direction with The Long Walk, about a single man who takes a walk (into the past) Laos. , however, shirks this theme and instead covers Shirkers (2018), a documentary about the making of a documentary (with a twist). Onward and weirdward!

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