Our weekly look at what’s weird in theaters, on hot-off-the-presses DVDs and Blu-rays (and hot off the server VODs), and on more distant horizons…

Trailers of new release movies are generally available at the official site links.


Damsel (2018): A cowboy () journeys across the frontier, miniature horse in tow, to join his strong-willed bride-to-be (). Dana Schwartz of “Entertainment Weekly” raves that this Western comedy is “bizarre… and weird in the best ways,” although we suspect that assessment is aimed at a less jaded audience than this one. Damsel official site.

FILM FESTIVALS – Cinepocalypse (Chicago, IL, 6/21-6/28):

This Chicago festival, which mixes genre pictures with offbeat indies, is in it’s second year, and could grow into something special. We noted a couple of fest stalwarts in a pair of black comedies first seen at Sundance and Tribeca respectively, Clara’s Ghost and 7 Stages to Achieve Eternal Bliss by Passing Through the Gateway Chosen by the Holy Storsh. Among listings with titles like Cop Baby, this new-to-us movie stood out:

  • The Secret Poppo – A paranoid eccentric hunts for the granddaughter he never knew in a comedy described as “THE PINK PANTHER crossed with an acid trip.” playing 6/28 only.

The fest closes on June 28 with  a screening of crowd fave Killer Klowns from Outer Space.

Cinepocalypse official site.

IN DEVELOPMENT (upcoming):

“A Love Story” (2017): Instagram is promoting its new video platform (IGTV) with a surreal short horror film from Petra Collins, starring Selena Gomez. Uncanny half-face masks, eyeballs in mouths, and finger-headed monsters co-star. First Spring Breakers, now this: no wonder Justin Bieber dumped her (that’s a shot at JB, not Ms. Gomez). ET Online has stills and a short clip to freak you out.


“Room to Dream”: The biography/memoir we’ve been dreaming of. Kristine McKenna wrote the biographical sections, with Lynch himself dropping in to comment in a stream-of-consciousness style. A major event in weird movie literature. Buy “Room to Dream”.


Double Lover (2017): Read our review. A strange, erotic psychological thriller from . DVD and Blu-ray. Buy Double Lover.

Night of the Lepus (1972): Read Alfred Eaker’s review. The infamous badfilm about giant killer rabbits gets a Blu-ray release with commentary (!) from Shout! Factory; make of that what you will. Buy Night of the Lepus.

Zen Dog (2016): A young virtual reality entrepreneur explores exotic herbs and lucid dreaming in an attempt to shake himself out of his rut, and hears the voice of Zen apostle Alan Watts. We’ll review this Buddhist parable/hippie-revivalist indie next week. On video-on-demand, or you can get a signed Blu-ray directly from the distributor.


The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975). We won’t list all the screenings of this audience-participation classic separately. You can use this page to find a screening near you.


Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead (1990): Read the Certified Weird entry! Two minor characters from “Hamlet” pass the time with intellectual games while awaiting their big moment. Currently listed as “leaving soon” (with no departure date given). Watch Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead free on

What are you looking forward to? If you have any weird movie leads that I have overlooked, feel free to leave them in the COMMENTS section.

3 thoughts on “WEIRD HORIZON FOR THE WEEK OF 6/22/2018”

  1. 2001: A Space Odyssey is also playing at the Cinerama Dome out here in Hollywood. Think it’s going on all week. Got my tickets reserved.

  2. This seems as good a place as any to tip off the readers that Fantasia 2017 hit “The Endless” is now available on Blu-Ray. Check it out!

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