A young victim of sexual violence talks about monsters, God, and tomato paste bread in this experimental short.

Content Warning: This short contains strong subject matter that some viewers may not find suitable.

2 thoughts on “SATURDAY SHORT: WICKED GIRL (2016)”

  1. I can’t say I like this because of the subject matter, but it’s well done. It’s unsettling as most Bill Plympton-style animation I’ve seen has taken me to funny, gross, or ironic places as an observer. This 1st person portrayal of violence through innocent eyes conjures up the metaphorical as a protective device and is deeply affecting. The child’s voiceover is superb, as well. Makes me think of Ed Sheeran’s song “The A Team” or the heartbreaking testimony of Moira Greyland about her two famous parents, famed sci-fi author Marion Zimmer Bradley and acclaimed numismatist Walter Breen, and the violent sexual abuse she suffered at their hands through her teen years. Rape breaks fragile bodies and spirits, and memories of that trauma color every day thereafter for the survivors. May they all find wings to enfold them and take them to a safe place.

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