6 thoughts on “SATURDAY SHORT: LOOK AT ME ONLY (2016)”

  1. “Pulp Fiction” lacked cajones? A movie where a man is forcefully raped by a psycho cop in an S&M dungeon lacked cajones? A movie where a woman overdoses on heroin and needs an adrenaline shot to the chest lacked cajones? A movie where two men are cleaning up the brains of the guy they accidentally shot in the face in the back of their car lacked cajones?? Seriously?!

    1. Since this conversation has started here, I’ll continue it here.

      Perhaps that turn of phrase was a bit of hyperbole, but in my defense I wrote the review on the heels of the international premiere and, as such, it felt incredibly fresh, violent, and vibrant.

      Having re-watched it, I suppose I might scale back that remark somewhat. Still, a movie that opens with an immigrant raid followed by immediate (to use Teddy Haynes’ phrasing) “processing” of the victims definitely holds its own (cajones-wise) when compared to Tarantino’s genre-defining classic.

    2. Indeed Mr Smalley has a point. (And please forgive this gringo his misspelling of the term in question.)

      It remains true, however, that the grisliness found in “Lowlife” is far grislier (and pointed) than the violence found in “Pulp Fiction”. (This can be confirmed even by looking at the comparative film ratings of “Unrated” and “R”.) The antagonist in “Lowlife”, confirmed by subsequent viewings, remains one of the nastiest pieces of humanity I’ve encountered in a movie, and the social commentary (which I Typically hope to be eschewed) is contemporarily pertinent.

      “Pulp Fiction” is (an admittedly masterful example of) story-telling slight-of-hand; “Lowlife” makes a point or two while going straight for both the jugular and the funny-bone.

  2. Not sure what the prior post is referring to, but I liked this animated short. The flocked puppets and stop-motion is well done, and I liked the premise. I did NOT, however, like the ending. Dude, if she’s that jealous/obsessive/needy and frickin’ violent, she’s psychotic – RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!

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