‘s work is notoriously dark and unfriendly for advertisers. He recently found himself in a financial bind, and was considering getting a day job. He plead his case to the internet, and started a Patreon campaign that succeded almost immediately. To express his thanks, he released a short he spent an entire year developing.

“Cream” is a cure-all for everything imaginable. Do you have acne? Just rub some Cream on it. Is your TV broken? All it needs is a dab of Cream.

Content Warning: This short contains disturbing imagery.

One thought on “SATURDAY SHORT: CREAM (2017)”

  1. A Cautionary Tale both strange and utterly unique – I really liked this. The premise seems straightforward, but the aftermath shows how the best of intentions can be manipulated for selfish and/or sinister intent. The eventual fate of Cream’s inventor is also suspect: were the charges true, or a way to stop people like The Inventor from giving the Common Man a tool to help him better his own life? The story seems to also ask if it’s worth trying to help a species that often takes the gift of plenty and becomes corrupt with it. Very thought provoking!

    A fascinating story with intriguing imagery – A+++++!

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