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Isolated John Michael McCarthy interview

Link to buy Teenage Tupelo on Blu-ray (instructions: send $40 by PayPal and specify it’s for “Teenage Tupelo” in the comments, email for shipping cost if ordering from outside the US)

Dalíland (2022): Discussion begins. Biopic covering ‘s waning days and his relationship with his muse, Gala, seen through the eyes of an intern. Not quite a weird movie per se, but of interest due to its subject (portrayed, improbably, by Ben Kingsley). In theaters and simultaneously on VOD. Dalíland official site.

“Giallo Essentials (Blue Edition)”: Discussion begins. The movie of some interest in this three disc set is Death Walks at Midnight, wherein a model takes LSD and witnesses a murder that happened six months earlier. The other two gialli are Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion and Death Walks on High Heels. All three are from director Luciano Ercoli and feature giallo starlet Nieves Navarro. Arrow’s “Giallo Essentials” series can get confusing for purchasers, since they are only distinguished by box color. Buy “Giallo Essentials (Blue Edition).”

Mad Monster Party (1967): Discussion begins. Read Alfred Eaker’s review. ‘ monster mash is campy nostalgia for monster kids; previously available on Blu-ray, but this version is presented in theatrical widescreen for the first time and includes a new commentary track and some other bonus features. Buy Mad Monster Party.

Private Parts (1972): Discussion begins. Read Gregory J. Smalley’s list candidate review. ‘s sleazy black comedy about a teenage runaway in a boarding house full of perverts shows up on Blu-ray for the first time thanks to Shout! Factory; we like the idea of people trying to buy Howard Stern’s biopic and getting this sickie instead. Buy Private Parts.

Todd Tarantula (2023): Discussion begins. A man goes on a psychedelic, time-traveling, rotoscoped journey to find his stolen motorbike in Los Angeles. This feature was over a decade in the making; it goes straight to Blu-ray, or free on Tubi. Buy Todd Tarantula.

Unidentified Objects (2022): A homosexual dwarf takes a road trip with an alien abduction nut in what at first looks like a quirky comedy, but hints at something potentially weirder. We previewed this one on last week’s Pod 366 (and you can find the trailer here); now it’s on VOD. Buy or rent Unidentified Objects on demand.


Next week, Gregory J. Smalley will take a week off from Pod 366, but Giles Edwards and Pete Trbovich will be there to run down a very exciting week of new releases. In written reviews, Shane Wilson gapes at Something Weird (1967), Giles attends A New Old Play (2021), and Greg reviews something called Teenage Tupelo (1995).

Unfortunately, we’ve decided to discontinue our movie streams due to persistent technical difficulties. We’ll let you know if we change our minds.

Onward and weirdward!


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