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Hanky Panky

Bad Lieutenant (1992): Discussion begins. Harvey Keitel gives an unbelievable drooling, whimpering performance as a corrupt drug-addicted NYC cop investigating the rape of a nun in ‘s ultra-Catholic NC-17 drama.  A new 4K upgrade from Kino Lorber, it also includes a Blu-ray, special features (including Ferrara commentary) recycled from older editions, and a new interview with cinematographer Ken Kelsch. Buy Bad Lieutenant.

“Cellophane Memories”: Discussion begins. ‘s announcement from last week turned out to be about a musical collaboration with singer Chrysta Bell (or Chrystabell). The album officially release on August 2, but David dropped a short music video showcasing the experimental audiovisual style.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998): Discussion begins. Read the Canonically Weird entry! A 4K UHD upgrade of the drug-culture satire from the . No new features, just a quality and format change, but it does include a standard Blu-ray if you can’t play the UHD disc yet. Buy Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

La Chimera (2023): Discussion begins. Read Gregory J. Smalley’s review. Art-house magical realist antics in the unique setting of the illicit trade in Etruscan artifacts. Now on Blu-ray (no special features advertised). Buy La Chimera.

“Public Access Afterworld” (202?): Discussion begins. ‘s next project isn’t a movie—at least, not yet—but instead a novel that concludes their “screen trilogy.” Originally pitched as a TV series, Schonebrun reconfigured it as a novel after HBO passed on the script. It’s about a mysterious secret TV network (shades of a trans Videodrome?) We would be somewhat surprised if this didn’t eventually end up on video in some capacity. They gave the scoop to IndieWire.

Tribeca Film Festival lineup (discussion begins):

  • A-Frame – a quantum physicist begins ethically questionable experiments after accidentally discovering a potential cancer cure; from , so if it is not extremely strange, it will mark a major stylistic shift
  • Daft Punk’s Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem – This is the story of an alien band who are abducted and forced to perform for Earthlings; a visual album (but with a narrative) done anime-style. The 4K remaster suggests a possible upcoming physical release.
  • She Loved Blossoms More – this buzzy (around here) Greek film is about brothers who try to bring back their dead mother with a time machine; the programmer describes it as “wonderfully strange… with its acid-trip-like imagery and overall surreal vibe.”
  • Vulcanizadora directs (and co-stars with regular ) this typically low-budget affair with a close-to-the-vest plot about a pair of friends venturing into the woods for a mysterious purpose.

Tribeca Film Festival home page.


We have no guest scheduled for next week’s Pod 366, but Giles and Greg will return to discuss the week’s weird movie news and releases. In written reviews, Shane Wilson is fascinated by The Beguiled (1971), a period piece set in a girls’ school that may be Clint Eastwood‘s weirdest project; Giles Edwards sticks to the vaguely Western theme with the animated experiment in alternate realities, Quantum Cowboys (2022); and Gregory J. Smalley breaks the trend to check out ‘s “incoherent” distaff Conan flick, She Is Conann (2023), with six sexy actresses portraying the mighty barbarian in different time periods. Onward and weirdward!

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