It’s been whispered around these parts for a while, but, as I look over proofs, I finally feel like the time is finally ripe to make an official in-print announcement:

The Big Book, “The 366 Weird Movies Guide,” is coming. Yes, you’ll soon finally have a physical record of the 366 Weirdest Movies ever made to put on your bookshelf! Something physical and tangible, that will last long after this Internet site has dissipated into the ether.

We don’t have a firm date, except to say the book will arrive in the 2024 calendar year, courtesy of film publishing specialist Bear Manor Media.

The text of the “Guide” does not simply repeat the already published web content. Many of the reviews are entirely new, written by a different contributor than the one who wrote the original. In other cases, the entries are condensed and perfected versions of the originals, with the fat cut out to leave a punchier, more powerful statement about what makes that particular movie a weird classic.

The “Guide” will be available in two formats: either split into two volumes in sturdy hardcover, or in one convenient (if thick) softcover book. Copies will be available for purchase from major retailers, and a smaller number directly from us (I’ll even autograph those, upon request).

We would appreciate it if you would purchase it. It was years in the making.

We’ll drop more nuggets of info as the project develops.

After the book is published, I had originally considered radically revising and redesigning this website. The problem is, that’s a time-consuming process, and instead I would prefer to move on to my next major project: a work of fiction, although one with a weird movie spin. So, for the the time being, the website will remain as you see it before you, with new content and reviews (and Apocrypha!) continuing to accrue.

We also plan to continue Pod 366 for the foreseeable future, and to expand its scope and reach with more guests, platforms, and digital doo-dads (a theme song? A sponsor?)

So that’s where we’re at. The “366 Weird Movies Guide” is the culmination of a large and exhaustive process that has personally brought me much gratification. I hope it will bring readers a smaller, but not inconsiderable, amount of pleasure.

Thanks for indulging us wit this self-serving announcement, and see you tomorrow for the latest episode of Pod 366, where we’ll talk to some of the team behind the telepathic handkerchief horror-comedy Hanky Panky (2023).


  1. Looking forward to it, as well as the work of fiction you mentioned. Congratulations to everyone involved, and thank you for years of enjoyment on the site.

  2. Congratulations; this is so exciting. I’m happy to hear it will be a physical book, and that the site will be continuing. This remains one of my go-to movie sites and I appreciate the perspectives of all involved in writing the reviews. Cheers!

  3. I’m very excited to hear about this !! Please keep us updated on purchasing info … and thank you so much for all that you do here . I’ve been enjoying Pete T’s video reviews immensely as well and will soon tune in to the podcasts . Would have missed so many good flicks without you all !

  4. I’ve been a regular follower of this site since around twelve years now. I remember being this edgy high school kid back then who just had seen Eraserhead and googled “weird movies”. I know many from my generation who probably did the same at one point in their lives. Therefore your site probably has had a larger and more profound impact on today’s movie culture than any of us can see yet. Maybe the book’s gonna change that. Anyways, I’ll be eager to see the only movie review site I ever really cared for getting into the printed canon form. Thanks for the hard work through all these years, and keep it up.

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