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Finders Keepers (2015): A recovering addict seeks to recover his mummified foot from a man who found it in a grill he bought at a garage sale. Documentaries have a hard time getting on our radar, but this one is garnering all the right critical adjectives: “strange,” “crazy,” “insane,” and yes, even “weird.” Finders Keepers official site.

Forever (2015): A journalist goes to a retreat to recover from an emotional trauma, but (of course) all is not as it seems. Not too much is known about this psychological thriller, but the one review in existence calls it “a mysterious mindbender.” Forever press release.

FILM FESTIVALS – New York Film Festival (New York City, Lincoln Center, Sep. 25-Oct. 11):

While most of our attention will be on Fantastic Fest (see below), we should mention the more mainstream offerings on tap in the coming weeks at the New York Film Festival, held at Lincoln Center. There are no debuts to speak of, but the following weird films we’ve already noted from other festivals will be playing: ‘s Cemetery of Splendour (Sep. 30 & Oct. 1), and ‘s The Forbidden Room (Sep. 28 & 92), Laurie Anderson’s Heart of a Dog (Oct. 8), and s The Lobster (Sep. 27 & 28). All of the directors will be and hand except for Weerasethakul, and almost all screenings are already “standby only.”

New York Film Festival homepage.

FILM FESTIVALS – Fantastic Fest (Austin, TX, Sep. 24-Oct. 1):

The Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, TX may be America’s coolest theater. Their brand has grown so big that now they have franchised Drafthouses, and even distribute their own (generally weird) movies. One of the Alamo’s hippest projects is Fantastic Fest, going into its eleventh year. As per usual, there is a fantastic slate of weird movies and some neato revivals here. While there are more than a dozen “of interest” movies showing here that we’ve already noted in our entries on Sundance, Toronto, and other venues, here are some other titles that are special to Fantastic Fest:

  • Belladonna of Sadness (1973) – A psychedelic anime about a medieval rape victim who makes a revenge-pact with the Devil; never before screened in the USA. Your only remaining chance to see it (until it arrives on DVD) is Sep. 28.
  • Der Bunker – A student ends up as tutor to a child whose family lives in a bunker, and whose mother has an alien living in her leg. Sep. 28.
  • Coz uv Moni 2 – Ghanaian pidgin musical sequel (we missed the first part) with two musicians seeking revenge, meeting Dracula (“welcome to Transylvania/you will realize its different from Ghana”) and a reefer-smoking Jesus along the way. Sep. 28.
  • Darling – A young woman goes insane while taking care of an old New York house; in black and white. Sep. 25 (tonight!) and Oct. 1.
  • Follow – A Christmas-themed “descent into madness” indie. Sep. 26 & 28.
  • In Search of the Ultra-Sex – A mock sci-fi pastiche pieced together from the weirdest scenes from dozens of international hardcore sex movies from the 1970s and 1980s. Sep. 25 (midnight) and 30.
  • Liza the Fox Fairy – Set in Budapest in the 1970s, the comically surreal movie tells the story of a woman whose lovers all die, leading her to suspect she may be a Japanese fox fairy. Sep. 27 & 30.
  • Lovemilla – Finnish comedy about a young girl whose best friend is a superhero and whose parents turn into zombies when they drink, with musical numbers. Sep. 26 & 28.
  • Remake, Remix, Rip-off – Documentary about the Turkish film industry, which thrived locally in the 70s and 80s off lax copyright laws that allowed it to make cheap, unauthorized knockoffs of popular Western movies and characters (like Star Wars and Spiderman) with an Ankara spin. You can also catch original Turksploitation features like The Deathless Devil and Tartan vs. the Viking at the Fest. Catch the doc Sep. 29.
  • Ruined Heart – A “punk noir opera” about a gangster’s moll falling in love with a henchman; set in the Philippines and starring a Japanese pop star. Sep. 29.
  • The Similars – Eight people are trapped in surreal situations in a Mexico City bus station. Try it Sep. 29.
  • Stand By for Tape Back-up – VHS mashup of “Fresh Prince,” Ghostbusters and other taped ephemera with experimental transformations and essay-narration. Sep. 26 & 28.
  • Tikkun – A devout Hasidic Jew comes back from a near-death experience as a lusty hedonist. Screening Sep. 30.

We have an undercover correspondent in Austin and we should have some unscheduled guerrilla coverage from the Fest at some point—stay tuned to this site for reports. Fantastic Fest homepage.

What are you looking forward to? If you have any weird movie leads that I have overlooked, feel free to leave them in the COMMENTS section.

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