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SCREENINGS – (Montreal, CAN, Mon., July 15):

Jubilee (1978): Queen Elizabeth I time travels to then-modern England and takes up with three amoral punk teen girls in ‘s strange scenario. We just heard about Montreal’s “Garden Scene Evenings” series, but past screenings this summer included Hausu and Sweet Movie, so we’re guessing they’re our kind of folks. Best of all, this appears to be a free event. Jubilee’s event listing on Facebook.


projects: The director of the serial-killer-tire-comedy Rubber (2010) and the soon-to-be-reviewed Wrong (2012) has been extremely busy in 2013. First up is a comedy about cops-gone-wrong entitled, oddly enough, Wrong Cops. It has been expanded to a full-length feature from a 43-minute short that played at Sundance in January, and the cast includes , Marilyn Manson, and former “Twin Peaks” spouses and Ray Wise. We know nothing about the second project except that it’s titled Réalité, it’s in French, and IMDB lists it in post-production. Wrong Cops official site.


Jug Face (2013): A woman tries to escape a backwoods community when she finds that she is to be sacrificed to a creature that lives in a pit. The movie is available for online rental now; it will get a limited theatrical & DVD release in August. Rent Jug Face on demand.


Bruce Campbell Triple Feature: Includes Alien Apocalypse (2005) (by-the-numbers cheese made for the Sci-Fi Channel), Man with the Screaming Brain (2005) (about two brains transplanted into one body to track down their mutual killer), and My Name Is Bruce (where Campbell plays himself, mistaken for his screen persona and asked to hunt down a monster). All movies feature square-jawed Campbell’s usual smarm… er, charm. Buy “Bruce Campbell Triple Feature” .

Spring Breakers (2013): Read our capsule review. does “Girls Gone Wild,” and if the results aren’t as weird as his more transgressive-minded provocations, they’re still nothing at all like a normal movie. Buy Spring Breakers .


Spring Breakers (2013): See description in DVD above. Buy Spring Breakers [Blu-ray].

Street Trash (1987): This low-budget black comedy is about a lethal case of expired booze that causes winos who drink it to melt in puddles. It’s also in our reader-suggested review queue. Buy Street Trash [Blu-ray].

What are you looking forward to? If you have any weird movie leads that I have overlooked, feel free to leave them in the COMMENTS section.

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