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Another [AKA Mark of the Witch] (2014): An adopted girl discovers unpleasant truths about her heritage after her aunt attempts suicide at her 18th birthday party. It’s described as an homage to Suspiria; no idea why the name change from (to?) Mark of the Witch, or why it’s taken two years to find a release despite generally positive reviews. Mark of the Witch official site.

The Fits (2016): An unexplained epidemic of falling down, passing out and vomiting affects girls on an African-American dance team. Films about teenage girls who suffer unexplained mass fits of hysteria are spreading inexplicably through the cinemas; the novelty here is the inner city setting (one expects this sort of behavior from white girls). The Fits official site.

The Wailing (2016): An investigator calls in a shaman to help solve the mystery of a plague of murders in a remote Korean town. Variety calls it “nonsensical yet entertaining” and compares it to The Evil Dead by way of . The Wailing official site.

SCREENINGS – (Cinefamily, Los Angeles, Saturday, June 4):

The Cassandra Cat (1963): A rare, experimental children’s film from the Czech New Wave about a magical sunglasses-wearing cat. Screening with a selection of shorts dubbed the “Meow Mix” for an evening the crazy cat lady in your life will not want to miss. Also at Cinefamily this week: the restored version of the psychedelic Japanese ero goru  cartoon The Belladonna of Sadness continues to screen on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday, and an encore performance of White Magic’s live score to the Certified Weird silent witchcraft classic Häxan. The Cassandra Cat at Cinefamily.

SCREENINGS – (Videology Bar & Cinema, New York City, Saturday, June 4):

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010): Read the Certified Weird entry! We knew from the moment we saw this tale of a slacker teen caught in a video game quest to win the heart of the girl that it would be playing at midnights at hip NYC bars within five years. This show marks Videology’s record-setting fifth week in a row screening a Certified Weird film at midnight, a streak that will be broken with next week’s feature, Young Frankenstein (we’d still go see it). Scott Pilgrim vs. the World at Videology.

FILM FESTIVALS – Fantastic Film Showcase (Washington, DC, Jun. 2-5):

There are no weird films making their debut at this relatively new festival, but a goodly number of the stranger movies on the circuit show up here, making this a great bet for weird Washington locals. Here are the movies we noted: ‘s Evolution (screening passed), ‘s grotesque and polarizing feature debut The Greasy Strangler (tonight at 11:00), the omnipresent Belladonna of Sadness (tonight and Saturday at 11:30), ‘s trippy Antibirth (Saturday at 9:30), and a special screening of the Certified Weird rock opera Phantom of the Paradise (Saturday at midnight). Finally, it’s not weird per se, but we’d be seriously tempted by the late night showings of 1966’s camp wonder, Batman: The Movie (tonight and Saturday at 11:45). And, although it’s not part of the festival proper, we’d be remiss if we did not note the screening of alien jazz star Sun Ra’s Afrofuturist masterpiece Space is the Place on Monday, the day after the festival officially ends, at host AFI Silver Theaters. It would make the perfect festival nightcap. (or, catch Sun Ra’s encore on Thursday night).

Washington DC Fantastic Film Showcase home page.

IN DEVELOPMENT (in production):

Petit Vampire (2017?): The animated story of a 300-year old 10-year old vampire who decides to go to elementary school. Yeah, we know it doesn’t sound very weird, but it is from (based on his hit French graphic novel), and his stuff thus far has been offbeat, to say the least. Screen International has details and an intriguing image.


City of Women (1980): A horny follows an attractive woman off a train and finds himself at a feminist convention in an all-female city. We would prefer someone other than bargain-arthouse-releaser Cohen Media got the rights to re-release this long out-of-print lesser-known film—but dare we hope for a proper Fellini’s Cassanova release, from anyone? Buy City of Women.

Horse Money (2014): Read our capsule review. The flashback-and-fantasy-ridden tale of an old man with dementia wandering the halls of an institution, Horse Money is a genuinely weird movie, though one that may require a knowledge of the Cape Verdean Portuguese immigrant experience to truly appreciate. Buy Horse Money.


City of Women (1980): See description in DVD above. No offense meant by our prior remarks, Cohen Media, better you release a Fellini Blu-ray than no one at all! Buy City of Women [Blu-ray].

Horse Money (2014):  See description in DVD above. Both the DVD and the Blu-ray include a bonus short from director Pedro Costa. Buy Horse Money [Blu-ray].

The Terror (1963): Read Alfred Eaker’s review. A restored (?) Film Detective BR-R version of this public domain horror classic Buy The Terror [Blu-ray].


“366 Weird Movies’ Certified Weirdness”: OK, there’s no actual link, but we are mentioned, and it’s something users here may find interesting and/or useful. Moviefan777 at made a list of every Certified Weird film that’s received a release from the Criterion Collection (including those included in Eclipse box sets). For some, he includes his own selection for weirdest image and a note as to whether it’s “family friendly” or not. Nice work. “366 Weird Movies’ Certified Weirdness” at


Hitler’s Folly (2016): ‘s new historical mockumentary about an alternate history in which Hitler followed his childhood dream, embraced his duck fetish and became a -style animation mogul. It’s free, but Plympton is asking for voluntary donations so that he can continue to make “these wacky, weird, bizarre films that Hollywood would never want to produce.” That’s a charity we can get behind. Watch Hitler’s Folly at

What are you looking forward to? If you have any weird movie leads that I have overlooked, feel free to leave them in the COMMENTS section.

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