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Falcon Song (2014): Judging from the trailer, it’s about a guitar-playing drifter who meets a telekinetic hottie who’s involved in a land dispute with the Masons. No one has seen it yet, but co-star Rainey Qualley, who’s Andie McDowell’s daughter, has movie star looks. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her show up in something more prominent soon. Falcon Song official site.

Jodorowsky’s Dune (2013): This documentary covers ‘s failed attempt to adapt Frank Hebert’s cult sci-fi novel to the big screen (a task later completed less than admirably by ). This documentary is getting more buzz than Jodorowsky’s actual new release, The Dance of Reality, which suggests that the general public likes the idea of Alejandro Jodorowsky better than they like the reality. Opening in New York City this week, future dates unknown. Jodorowsky’s Dune official site.

Maladies (2012): A retired, mentally ill soap opera star (James Franco) loses his grip on reality and hears voices as he lives with his equally deranged sister. Directed by “internationally acclaimed multimedia artist Carter,” it has currently earned a o% rating at Rotten Tomatoes. Maladies official site.

FILM FESTIVALS – Ann Arbor Film Festival (Ann Arbor, MI, Mar. 25-30):

Ann Arbor is the destination of choice for experimental filmmakers whose work is too academic, obscure and/or weird to screen at mainstream film festivals. As usual, we recognize almost none of the featured titles. The program that catches our eye is next Friday’s (3/28) “Animated Films in Competition” slate, which features a new stop-motion short from the and “Sangre de Unicornio,” a Spanish-language cartoon about teddy bears hunting unicorns. We’re sure there’s other good stuff there, too. Why not go there and find it for us, Michiganders? Ann Arbor Film Festival home page.


Forbidden Zone 2 (201?): After years of talk about a sequel to 1980’s trip to the groovy, cartoonishly Satanic 6th Dimension, the time for talk is over. is putting his money where his mouth is… or rather, he’s putting your money where his mouth is, with a crowd-sourcing campaign on Indiegogo. Per the synopsis, an angry clown, interracial love affair, a princess in pasties, and an army of pinheads figure heavily in the new plot, along with an all-new score from brother Danny Elfman. The FZ fanbase is big enough that this one is certain to be funded; at this writing they’ve earned about a third of their $100,000 goal, with more than a month left to go. Forbidden Zone 2 at Indiegogo.

Once Upon a Time in Jerusalem (201?): A blasphemous gore comedy from Spain that will feature Jesus chopping up zombies and mutants with the skeleton of a giant fish. The trailer reveals an absurd level of carnage that approaches Tokyo Gore Police: Spanish . It’s an expanded version of the successful festival short “Fist of Jesus,” that featured the Messiah botching the resurrection of Lazarus and inadvertently creating a plague of zombies. Raising money via Kickstarter, they filmmakers are asking for an ambitious $150,000, and have raised $11,000 in pledges with a month and a half to go. Once Upon a Time in Jerusalem at Kickstarter.


“Is This a Zombie?” (Season 1) (2011): See description in DVD below.


“Is This a Zombie?” (Season 1) (2011): A teen is killed by a serial killer, resurrected by a zombie, then killed again by a chainsaw-wielding magical girl and resurrected as a female magical zombie… The plot description of this 13 episode gender-bending harem/zombie anime caught our eye in a week with few home video releases to consider. Buy “Is this a Zombie?” (Season 1) [Blu-ray/DVD Combo].

Mysterious Skin (2004): A teen who believes he was abducted by aliens tracks down a childhood pal, now a hustler in New York City, while investigating the source of his amnesia. This searing drama is generally considered ‘s best work. Buy Mysterious Skin [Blu-ray].


Broad Daylight (2004): More madness from Memphis’ John Michael McCarthy (Teenage Tupelo). This one is simple nostalgia: a recreation of Bettie Page-style burlesque loops (featuring garters and stockings, pasties and feather boas) shot in washed out 8mm Kodachrome color, set to psychobilly music. It’s still kinda weird. Watch Broad Daylight free on Youtube.

What are you looking forward to? If you have any weird movie leads that I have overlooked, feel free to leave them in the COMMENTS section.

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