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Our weekly look at what’s weird in theaters, on hot-off-the-presses DVDs and Blu-rays (and hot off the server VODs), and on more distant horizons…

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Leonor Will Never Die (2022): A “surreal” story about a Filipino screenwriter trapped in one of her own unpublished action scripts. Reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Leonor Will Never Die US distributor page.

IN DEVELOPMENT (partly complete):

“The Wheel of Heaven”: casts this ultra-absurdist series of shorts as a miniseries; no idea how it will be distributed after its planned film-festival run. Episode one is complete, along with festival short “Blood of the Dinosaurs,” which is described as a prequel to “The Wheel of Heaven.” Preview clip below. “The Wheel of Heaven” official Facebook page.


The Company of Wolves (1984): Read the Canonically Weird review! A 4K UHD “Collector’s Edition” of ‘s wolfy classic, with a new audio commentary and new interviews alongside some recycled material. Also includes a standard Blu-ray. Buy The Company of Wolves.

Exte: Hair Extensions (2007): A mortician sells a dead girl’s hair for use as hair extensions… bad idea. This horror is in our reader-suggestion queue but has been out of print for far too long. Buy Exte: Hair Extensions.

Hatching (2022): Read Giles Edwards’ review. The Finnish horror about a preteen girl who hatches a strange bird-monster from an egg she finds in the woods debuts on home video this week. Egg-citing! Buy Hatching.

Mystery Men (1999): Read Giles Edwards’ review. It’s a mystery, man, why this flop superhero-comedy gets released to 4K UHD before so many more deserving films. Buy Mystery Men.

Something in the Dirt (2022): Two men document supernatural events in L.A., leading them down a paranoid rabbit hole. Staying indie despite the lure of Hollywood, and ‘s latest sci-fi mindbender hits VOD this week. Buy or rent Something in the Dirt.

“Sony Pictures Classics: 30th Anniversary Collection 4K Ultra HD Collection”: These types of compilations never make much sense; they’re unified by the fact that they came from the same studio, not by theme, artist, or genre. But this one is a little out there, by mainstream standards. It includes a surprising three Canonically Weird movies: The City of Lost Children, Run Lola Run, and Synecdoche, New York, along with SLC Punk, reader-suggestion Orlando, and arthouse faves The Celluloid Closet, The Devil’s Backbone, Volver, Still Alive, Call Me By Your Name, and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. UHD only. Buy “Sony Pictures Classics: 30th Anniversary Collection 4K Ultra HD Collection.”


This section will no longer be updated regularly. Instead, we direct you to our new “Repertory Cinemas Near You” page. We will continue to mention exceptional events in this space from time to time, however.


We’ll continue accepting nominations and votes for a Dec. 10 Weird Watch Party, although it looks like Relaxer (2018) has significant momentum already.  Add your voice here.

And you should know that we are planning and actively working on producing a 2022 Yearbook, hopefully to appear as soon as next week (but no promises on our meeting that deadline).

In reviews next week, Giles Edwards attends an animated musical with cult aspirations, Röckët Stähr’s Death of a Rockstar, and takes a shot at the surreal serial-killer horror A Wounded Fawn (debuting on Shudder Dec. 1). Onward and weirdward!

What are you looking forward to? If you have any weird movie leads that we have overlooked, feel free to leave them in the COMMENTS section.

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