“This is the tale of Hugh the Hunter, and the remarkable things he sees… And that see him.” Hugh the Hunter (2015) is a not-so-typical hunting story inspired by and starring artist Hugh Hayden. When an artist’s work is made into live-action, it often lacks plot to keep it interesting. Under the direction of Zachary Heinzerling, this short is an exception.

2 thoughts on “SATURDAY SHORT: HUGH THE HUNTER (2015)”

  1. This just shows where my mind goes but watching the credits there could be an interesting off shoot from this film centered on serial killers, predators camouflaged by their attire, “which Mother Nature also invented”.

  2. Interesting study on hunting and being hunted. Love the narrator, and the music and estate imagery fully immerse the viewer in the quintessential British traditions of “upper crust” privilege. Shots are beautifully composed, and the lighting a suggestive mix of sun and shadows. Hughs’ philosophical ruminations are academic while hunting, emanating from a safe space vs. the peril of his quarry. Enjoyed the twist of Hughs’ journey home at days’ end only to find other “hunters” lying in wait around the very table where he’d customarily dine on his kills. It would seem we are all “flushed out” eventually, camouflage or not.

    I liked this very much. Hope to see more from this filmmaker.

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