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Quick links/Discussed in this episode:

“The Art of the Benshi”: Discussion begins. A series of Japanese silent films on tour, with traditional narrators (benshi) providing commentary (in Japanese, subtitled into English). Most films in the collection are obscure, but we mention it because the canonically weird A Page of Madness [Kurutta ippêji] is one of the films. It’s a bit complicated as to which films will be playing where as the program tours this April, so check out the following link for dates if you live in NYC, Washington, Chicago, or Los Angeles (or Tokyo). “The Art of the Benshi” official site.

The Beast (2023): Discussion begins. seeks to fix her present by undergoing DNA regression therapy, which allows her to experience past lives where she experienced tempestuous romances with the same man. Science fantasy from Bertrand Bonello whose ending had some critics crying “!” The Beast official site.

Kinds of Kindness (2024): Discussion begins. A first trailer drops for ‘ upcoming triptych film, debuting (somewhere) on June 21, 2024. The teaser includes a brief shot of a dog drinking from a straw. Kinds of Kindness official site.

Messiah of Evil (1973): Discussion begins. Read Shane Wilson’s Apocrypha Candidate review. Previously released in a limited edition, this Blu-ray is the paradoxical “Standard Special Edition” of this eerie horror oddity. Buy Messiah of Evil.

The People’s Joker (2022): Discussion begins. An unauthorized parody of a certain comic book villain’s origin story, told as a trans metaphor. We thought this would never get released due to “rights issues,” but unnamed corporate entities seem to have decided that ignoring is the wisest course. In limited release across the country, with writer/director/star Vera Drew appearing for Q&A’s at several venues. Go to The People’s Joker official site to find out where and when it’s playing.

Rossellini on Blue Velvet: Discussion begins. Almost four decades later, Isabella Rossellini responds to Roger Ebert’s negative review of Blue Velvet. Variety got the quote.

Yannick (2023): Discussion begins. All we know about ‘s latest comedy is the premise: a man interrupts a dull theater performance and starts talking back to the onstage actors.  Streaming exclusively on Mubi. Dupieux also has a more anticipated movie, the surreal biopic Daaaaaali!, coming out later this year. Yannick official site.


There is no guest scheduled for next Pod 366, but tune in for another discussion of the week’s news and releases. In written reviews, Shane Wilson gets into The Spirit (2008); Giles Edwards gets into The Invisible Fight (2023); and Gregory J. Smalley gets into a Hungarian Bubble Bath (1980). And who knows, there could always be a surprise popping up. Onward and weirdward!

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