The winner of the June review writing competition will be announced tomorrow, along with a new contest.

Personally, I was overwhelmed by both the quantity and quality of the submissions. I understand how hard it is to write a meaningful review and I want to thank everyone who participated for their hard work. Thank you for all the weirdness, some of which I had considered, some of which was new to me.

Most gratifying was the wide range of recommendations: we received reviews of American horror movies, 1970’s black comedies, a Japanese haunted house movie, a contemporary indie dramedy, an Italian space opera, and a Czech art film. I’m proud that our readers have such diverse tastes and are willing to try anything, as long as it’s outside the mainstream!

Here are the submissions again for anyone who would like to read over them and place bets on the winner:

J.S Roberts, Society (1989)

Eric SG, Harold and Maude (1971)

Alex Kittle, House [Hausu] (1977)

Billy, Garden State (2004)

Andreas O. Stoehr, Wild Wild Planet (1965)

Kat, Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (1970)

Thanks again to all of you, you’re helping to prove that there is a hunger for movies beyond the pale! Is Hollywood listening?

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