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DIRECTED BY: Diana Galimzyanova

FEATURING: Ekaterina Dar, Elizaveta Shulyak, Lilit Karapetyan,  Diana Galimzyanova

PLOT: A gothic princess wishes to commit suicide, but a dastardly prince charming steals her rope.


The rope. The trolley. Trolley 54. Chthulu.

Flick-switch DIY? They can do, they can do.

A meaningless quest line jellies about.

Nonsense everywhere. No way out.

Where is this cryptic nonsense bound?

Who gave them a camera, or was it just found?

What’s with this denticulated review?

Why do you ask? And what’s it to you?

Stalin’s bust, a princess, a faerie, a door.

Interference lines dance on the floor.

A jaunty yellow crown. A scythe, tag-fresh glinty.

If only the French were this fun in the ’60s.

Fed black and white and sepia treats,

The perplexion’d sun faces hasty defeat.

Toss in drag, and mime, and some derelict sets—

This film makes no sense; and yet… and yet…

[Submitting this review took major testicles.

Plan 9 is playing select film festivals.-Ed.]


“…this film is not some sort of brainheavy meta movie or anything like that but a pretty mad comedy carried by humour reminiscent of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, held together exactly by the fact that nothing really holds the story together… A very unusual film for sure…” -Mike Haberfelner, Search My Trash (contemporaneous)

12 thoughts on “366 UNDERGROUND: PLAN 9 FROM ALIEXPRESS (2022)”

  1. Recommended and Beware? I’m convinced I need to see this, but the title makes it nearly impossible to Google. (Who knew there was so much Plan 9 from Outer Space merch for sale on Aliexpress?) I hope you can please update with news on where this can actually be seen…

    1. Hmm, two weeks ago it was up, in full, on YouTube. Now it seems there is only the trailer. That may mean she found a distributor, but it could mean anything.

      If any of the crack squad of 366-kateers have leads, please do let us know.

  2. I can send you a private link if you want, everything is possible with this film, it was never on YouTube though, only via the private link.

  3. Anyone who is interested in attending a Discord screening of this film, let us know in the comments what date and time will work for you. My initial suggestion is Saturday, April 8 at 2 PM ET. I will try to schedule it so the maximum number of interested parties can attend.

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