Our project to re-rank the entire Canon of 366 Weird Movies continues, as we incorporate the newly promoted former-Apocrypha movies into a newly reordered list. (This sounds more complicated than it really is.)

Last round, 47 voters cast ballots.  The lone remaining Apocrypha title, The Lighthouse (2019), once again proved more popular than all the Canonical entries it was pitted against. Let’s see how far the The Lighthouse can climb, as it faces the nineteen next most popular Canonical movies based on this 2019 poll. (This set of movies originally ranked between 214 and 196.) We’ll repeat this procedure until The Lighthouse fails to beat all it’s competition in a particular group.

Here’s the next round. Vote for the movie you feel is the most deserving of this bunch. We’ll leave the poll up until midnight, March 17.

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