Our project to re-rank the entire Canon of 366 Weird Movies continues, as we incorporate the newly promoted former-apocrypha movies into the newly reordered list. (This all sounds more complicated than it really is.)

Last round, 72 voters cast ballots. 8 of the promoted Apocrypha outpaced the old Canonical entries they were pitted against ( The Fabulous Baron Munchausen [Baron Prásil] and Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans fell by the wayside) .

Now, let’s see how far the remaining new arrivals can climb. We’ll pit the eight former Apocrypha movies that got more votes than any Canonical movies against the twelve next most popular Canonical movies based on this 2019 poll. (It’s getting more competitive for the newbies, but if we put fewer than 20 entries per poll at a time, this will take all year). We’ll repeat this procedure until no new arrival proves more popular than the remaining Canonical entries.

Here’s the next round. You may choose up to eight movies you feel are the most deserving. We’ll leave the poll up until midnight, January 28.


  1. Hi, i’ve been voting in this “promotion poll”, mostly to defend the colours of european cinema (i’m french – so, will you excuse my awkward english) – i already had the occasion to congratulate you for all that’s being displayed on this site, and in a way, these polls are fun… yet, i can’t help wondering about this “democratic” opening, in a list that seemed to be rather a man’s (or a team’s ?) choice – and i’m worrying about some of my european favorites – indeed, Robbe-Grillet’s “L’immortelle” gathered very few votes (including mine) – but, in Godard’s name !, who (even among the well-learned visitors of 366WM) has seen “L’immortelle” ? (needless to tell you that i have – i’ve seen all of Robbe-Grillet’s films (most of them at least twice) – and btw, i’ve just noticed that his “Glissements progressifs du plaisir” is not listed…) – well, i don’t think my message will change anything, but i was just wondering – don’t you think that the List might grow a bit “mainstream”, if you let a democratic vote, year after year, select the most obvious, and exclude the most secret ?…

    1. I share your concerns, karim. That’s why, as you say, this poll is just for fun. It allows readers to participate and give feedback and feel like they have their say. And I am always pleasantly surprised at how refined our readers’ tastes are: like you, they know their stuff and don’t automatically vote for the films with the widest distribution. And this poll is totally unofficial: officially, the Canonical films remain the same, and officially they are unranked. We always hope people will seek out the films on this list they haven’t seen, and hopefully find new favorites.

  2. thanks for your answer – i feel reassured
    indeed, thanks to you, i discovered a few films (most importantly, the marvellous “night is short, walk on girl”, that’s become my favorite animation full-featured film of all times) – unfortunately, most films will remain objects of fantasy for me, as i see 99% of my movies in movies theaters, and, even in Paris, we don’t get to see many of the films reviewed in 366WM…
    instead, we have, right now, a full Rivette retrospective at the Cinémathèque – i saw (one more time) his film “L’amour par terre”, beautiful, but maybe not weird enough to compete here – i just wondered : did you notice that Robbe-Grillet’s “La belle captive” was shot in the same house than “L’amour par terre” ?(and the same year : 1983) – … and Raoul Ruiz shot his “Bérénice”, again, in the same house and the same year !
    (realizing this, i had a (short) moment of meditation about the relations between these films, and these directors…)

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