In just a few hours, the telecast of the Oscars (or, as we refer to them, the “Weirdcademy Awards for squares”) will begin. We are happy to steal the Academy’s thunder by announcing cinema’s weirdest winners of 2020 now.

In the category of “Weirdest Short Film,” the winner is “Sock Six” by .

In the category of “Weirdest Scene,” the Weirdcademy Award goes to I’m Thinking of Ending Things, for the janitor and pig scene. We won’t totally spoil the surprise for anyone who hasn’t seen the film yet, except to say it features this cutie:

Weirdest Scene of 2020: "I'm Thinking of Ending Things"

In the category of “Weirdest Actress,” in something of an upset in the most competitive category, the Award goes to: in Possessor, as a sociopathic assassin who inhabits other people’s bodies.

In the category of “Weirdest Actor,” the Award goes to Tom Hardy, chewing a carrot and firing a gold-plated Tommy-gun while wearing a diaper in Capone.

And finally, the award for Weirdest Picture of 2019 goes to… drum roll…  Argentina’s stop-motion nightmare The Wolf House [La Casa Lobo].

Thanks to all voting members of the Weirdcademy, and see you again next year!

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