FEATURING: Tony Watt, Vivita, Amabelle Singson, James Taggart, John Ervin, Angela Faulkner

PLOT:  I’m not really sure…  see below.

COMMENTS:  I’m not at all being snarky in regards to being completely unable to wrangle out an explanation of the plot of Vixen Highway 2006: It Came from Uranus.  As far as I can gather, after multiple watchings, there are several strands of story involving (a) the escape of three female prisoners, (b) a female cop/bounty hunter, Divine Otaku (Amabelle Singson) who’s dispatched to capture the fugitives, all of whom have a fixation on (c) Rock legend Bobby Barzell, who’s waiting for a liver transplant to save his life and his ass from (d) Osiris (Tony Watt), an Alien Overlord who struck a bargain with Barzell for fame, money and sex in exchange for Barzell’s soul, and now who’s en route to Earth to collect.

Still from Vixen Highway 2006: It Came from Uranus (2010)Even more confusing is finding out that this film is an homage/reboot/requel to 2001’s Vixen Highway, written & directed by John Ervin (who co-wrote VH 2006), which apparently is a more straightforward version of the above storyline (probably without the alien overlord, I suspect).

Vixen Highway 2006: It Came from Uranus is a lo-budget, meth-fueled cousin of the NBK (Natural Born Killers) Aesthetic.  This movie starts at the level of overkill, and then goes balls out turning everything up to 11.  Everything is Too Much: too much on the sound fx, which goes way past cartoonish; the visual tricks, such as wipes, transitions, split screens—I think that all of the plug-ins of the editing program were used at least twice; the homaging and references, which are so thick, it’s like the filmmakers just poured everything from every grindhouse/exploitation/cult/faux-blaxploitation/mondo movie they liked into the pot; and IT’S TWO AND A HALF HOURS LONG!!

Still from Vixen Highway 2006: It Came from Uranus (2010)Some may see these as good things, I realize.  Frankenpimp (the director’s previous film) suffers from the same problems, only worse since it’s THREE HOURS LONG!!!  VH:2006 at least has that tiny, tiny bit of restraint… But Too Much for Way Too Long feels like you’re being mentally bludgeoned if you try to take it all in at one sitting.  The only way I got through both films was to take a little at a time—20-30 minute screenings.  The best way to experience the films may be in the background at a party, where you sample the film in bits and pieces and you’re not hammered relentlessly by the constant overkill, and not bothered by the slow movement (or lack of movement) of the narrative.

Tony Watt’s website

DISCLAIMER: A copy of this film was provided by the production company for review.

16 thoughts on “366 UNDERGROUND: VIXEN HIGHWAY 2006: IT CAME FROM URANUS (2010)”

  1. Tony “Tex” Watt is a poser and an idiot who knows less than nothing about filmmaking and just rides the coattails of others (like doing this sequel to a much better movie by John, or releasing a movie called Frankenpimp and letting people think it is somehow connected to the awesome movie Frankenhooker, which it is not).

    He makes very poor quality home movies and doesn’t even edit out all the crap, leaving hours and hours worth of stuff so bad you can’t even laugh at it.

    Tony I BET YOU TO PLEASE STOP, you’ll never make it as a filmmaker the few of us who watch your stuff hate it and just get angry and you have better uses of your time than spending a few hundred bucks to make this garbage.

    1. Horrendous Pete..you are an inspiration…I usually freely call people losers , but, in your case, it shows….I don’t have to..especially when you don’t know me personally…I bet you are a swell fella, when not watching my movies, tho’…Actually, I don’t think you are a loser…just passionate about film..kudos!…I take it back…anyone calling themselves Horrendous, is o.k., in my book!
      &…I appreciate you taking time to check out said movies out…it’s better than being apathetic…true artists like ’cause and effect’….however their provocateur, or commercial art will effect folks….better than being boring, I say..
      I think after a large output of project, it’s a safe bet, that I’m an established filmmaker..are you?
      Looky here, pally..I just make art for my [or, one of 2 culture vultures, in my fanbase’s ]amusement o.k….I did not poison your cat, or re-possess the family estate; so chill out, man! As far as ‘Frankenhooker’, I never let people think that, I’m hitching my wagon to it’s pretty tail…The title FP actually made my mother laugh (original title was : The Romeo & Juliet Massacre)..firstly it’s [F.H.] a very rare cult film & only ‘you’d’ know that as well as folks like me, who dig cult movies…I think ‘Star Whores’, or ‘Oceans O’ Lesbians’, would be band-wagonning (titles; I reconsidered for my other movies ,BTW, in your defence)….What about the folks I inspire to make better films than I’ve done (have you?)…& I agree with you…I can hardly laugh at my own movies..then again..it was brilliant when I first started the hundreds of hours of editing…but, the gals are sexy ain’t they…some of the best looking, a garbage wanna-be filmmaker can muster [Playboy quality, even]….And for the love of God..what do you expect from a movie called FRANKENPIMP, or VIXEN HIGHWAY 2006…’GONE WITH THE WIND?”..’CITZEN KANE’?…Think about it, guy!.and before you go back under your bridge, Sir.. I was thinking of taking a break; but, thanks to your gracious note..I intend to make EVEN more!
      …BTW, I added back the too-hot-for- distro scenes, in my movie catalogue; exclusively on VIMEO VOD, with hundreds of hours more of that exploitative sweetness, I and a few ‘poor quality home movie lovers’ …& Remember Mr. ‘Saucy’ H.P. : The ‘idiot’ stranger who may have given you the right of way in traFfiic, or helped your wife/mom change her tire in a rainstorm, may have been me, or George Lucas…We do what we do, artistically….so you could be inspired to ‘better’ us. Good Day, Sir.

  2. Thanks for the reply Tex. I didn’t get through the entire chapter you posted but did get as far as “established filmmaker” and stopped there because I knew it wouldn’t get any better.

    Anyway, you are 100% correct, I am not an established filmmaker… but then again, neither are you. At least I know it.

    You can pretend that your home movies are deliberately bad, or that you’re “grindhouse” and talk about Lloyd Kaufman as much as you want but those are just excuses because you can’t actually make a good, real movie. Kaufman makes B-movies but they are actual movies, with real film equipment, and lighting, and sound gear, and a crew… his films may be on the cheaper end, or goofy, or maybe even a bit tawdry, but he has a script and he EDITS his films into a COHERENT STORY. You shoot crap, mass email us with self-aggrandizing claims, and post so many shameless and untrue things about yourself that it’s funny. Just one of many, many examples – the “budget” information you post on IMDB is hilarious.

    All the while you pretend the zero budget quality of your home videos is all intentional while puffing yourself up more as a “groundbreaking artist”, and “horror legend” and “established filmmaker”…

    If you had any respect for film at all, you would remove your fake movie listings and countless shameless self-promotional blurbs and links from IMDB, because you know you don’t belong there. Please get a real job because you’re basically another delusional Frank D’Angelo, except unlike him you live in a dirty apartment and don’t have any money.

  3. chill out horrendous pete please just stop. you must know tex watt if you’ve been in his apartment…. anyway why do you care so much?

    look, is tex watt a hack who gives himself fake credits in fake movies and stuff? yeah sure we know that. his movies are pathetic and so long with hours and hours of who can even tell wtf he’s trying to do and he name drops and the only person promoting him is himself but guess what…. he’s far from being the only guy seeking attention in this way with home made movies and puffing himself up for w/e reason….. nobody cares but you bro…. if he doesn’t care what people say or think about him just live your life and let him live his and both be happy right? good policy to live by you and he will both be happier.

    look at it this way if he wasn’t delusional and playing at being a big time director he’d probably be claiming to be a great doctor or something right, isn’t this a better option? him pretending he is a big time movie director is not hurting anyone at all, him claiming to be a doctor could actually kill somebody ha ha ha

    he also is not breaking into your house and making you watch this shyte. so why do you care so much? he’s not making you read his posts either. and do you really think arguing with him will get you anywhere? arguing with deluded people only makes them dig in, always and 100% i bet he will actually make more movies now ha ha you watch and see

    what i don’t get is….. why you watching them? They suck and you obviously hate them so just stop watching! I watched a couple clips online and it was garbage so I just stopped and that’s all it takes to not be annoyed by this guy’s videos. i do the same for other schlock horror wannabes, if their movies doesn’t grab me i just don’t watch anything else they do, policy keeps me calm and chill and happy.

    dude for real your arguing with a guy who thinks the girls in his movie are playboy quality ha ha how can you possibly believe you can argue with that? let him have his dreams and how he sees the world b/c again it doesn’t hurt you at all how this clown spends his time right?

    if this guy wants to keep spending his time and money making awful home videos and posting about himself on movie pages and puffing himself up for attention just let him, it is not hurting you in any way is it? it’s not hurting ANYONE AT ALL!!

    this type of guy, whenever you reply to him you are giving him attention which is what he wants so he wins…. he doens’t care if his attention is good or bad if he did he wouldn’t shoot 240p movies in the dark on a flip phone then add fart and boing sound effects, post it online and give himself a hundred credits on it. errybody jus chill brah ha ha ha (-:

  4. An entertaining read with the comments. Tex Watt is not a (real) filmmaker and don’t get me started on his creepy yahoo/Facebook group he uses to promote himself with. Also what kind of butt-hat calls himself “Tex” or for that matter “Horrendous”? A total of maybe five people will ever read these comments on a 2011 article us included so please keep fighting you two! It’s for sure a million times more entertaining than anything either of you will ever make.

  5. Thanks for posting the link, it’s a laugh but there are too many long essays here to get through them all.

    Tony Watt is a huge poser and seen as a clown in the community but if you’re going to argue with him like this you must have a lot of free time too. Why bother?

    Have a nice day gentlemen! “Can’t we all just get along?”

  6. I thought a lot of the reviews here were funny but no, the funniest thing on this entire site has to be the comment where Tex Watt refers to himself as an “established filmmaker!” Fuck that made me laugh. Hey “Horrendous” has he figured out who you are yet?

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