With only 25 spots left open (!) on the List of the 366 Weirdest Movies, last week we opened up nominations for readers to submit movies they could not bear to be left off the List. This is the last chance for readers to directly vote movies onto the List, although as always, we can be moved by bribes. So what you see below is now officially the Ultimate Readers Choice Poll. (There is also a prize involved, but only for those whose nominations were chosen—you can remind yourself of those rules here, if you so desire).

You may vote your favorite from the list below, and you may only vote once per day. We trust you are an honorable bunch so no shenanigans, please. The poll includes a short quote from the reader who nominated the film or seconded the nomination (or from the IMDB if they added no commentary). You are encouraged to continue to campaign for your favorite in the comments on this post. Voting closes on July 29 at midnight, U.S. Eastern Standard time. Enjoy!

Direct voting link (use if you cannot see the poll or if your browser does not support javascript)


    1. While I am let down my pick did not win (although it did do better than what I nominated in the last poll, so I consider that a semi-victory), I am happy that Mind Game won considering its intense cult following and the admiration it received from directors like Satoshi Kon and Bill Plympton.

      Now that the poll is over, I should mention that although a comment on the ‘Suggest a Weird Movie’ claimed that the page was reopened, the comments are still closed to the public and can’t be further expanded on. I realize that, by this point, this feature has become somewhat redundant due to the influx of suggestions, but it still feels odd considering it’s popularity and such a direct statement.

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