Only one more movies to Certify Weird! Many of you have already guessed the title, but feel free to try again in the comments.

Next week, we’ll be taking time out from reviews (with the exception of our 366th choice) for some reflections, starting with thoughts from  our gadfly Alfred Eaker. We’ll also bring you an updated list of the top weird movies not yet released on home video, and G. Smalley will add some thoughts on the 366 milestone, looking back fondly on what we’ve accomplished—and looking ahead to where this site will be going in a post-366 world.

Some things will be changing here in the coming weeks. We’ll let you in on the first change right now: we’re no longer going to list the upcoming reader-suggested review queue every week. (You can always see the complete list, alphabetized, on our Suggest a Weird Movie page). We will allow you to continue making suggestions for new movies, however.

Another change is that we will no longer be tracking the Weirdest Search Terms of the Week, since we’re seeing diminishing returns and a lot of repeats. If you’re disappointed by that, rest assured that at least we’ve been holding some very weird searches back—and we’re now going to dump them on you all at once, as a farewell to the series. These searches all came about because we link Pussy Goes Grrr in our sidebar. “Pussy” is, for some reason, a popular internet search term. Combine that with our high Google rank for the search term “weird” and you get a lot of strange, and often disturbing, searches combing “weird” and “pussy.” We’ve been saving some of these searches for almost a decade now. You can now finally enjoy them. Be warned, however: some of the items below contain pussy-related concepts you never thought of, and quite likely, never wanted to think of. Broad-minded, mature adults only, please. Try to keep the snickering to a minimum and do not attempt image searches on any of the following. This list may be illegal to access in Saudi Arabia, Iran, or Utah; check you local laws. Peruse at your own risk; 366 Weird Movies will not be responsible for any arousal, distress or insanity caused by reading the following list.

“pussy strangest form”
“hectic weird pussy”
“movies wood pussey english youtube”
“glued pussy”
“her pussy has strange moves”
“psychotronic web from pussy”
“isolation tank, never ending pussy”
“bizarre dual pussy”
“prehistoric pussy”
“фильм the mummy pussy смотреть онлайн”
“hitler pussy”
“holy black midget pussy”
“movies sex strange anomalies in the blocks of western sex pussy”
“spider pussy cocooning prey”
“husband wakes up as black mans pussy”
“free pussy transplant movies”
“man pour eater ainto bucket and win girls pussy 2012 netflix movie”
“girl get cut off pussy in forest and gave the boy eat”
“youtube entering the caravan inside the woman’s pussy”
“free young anti pussy movies.com”
“weird pussys outside terrible upskirt.com”
“behind the scenes of weird pussy”
“www.christian pussy movies.com”
“free naked turkey pussy”
“ocotpussy in pussy weird movies”
“very hot phantasm of girls shaving pussy”
“croatian monster pussy”
“strange pussy trash”
“weird looking pussy with braces”
“a auteur black pussy”
“odd happy pussy movies”
“shaved pussy morgue”
“the pussy of the wife dressed in the dress has appeared for an instant the friend of the husband to the couple’s house; a free video”
“beautiful indian girls ovum pussy porn”


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  1. I’m glad the reader suggestion list goes, because sometimes it makes searching the site a horrible mess.

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