In a new video-review feature we’re calling “Weird View Crew,” Pete Trbovich brings you a look at Space Is the Place. Mystical musician Sun Ra schemes to relocate the Black race to the planet Saturn in this low-budget Afrofuturist movie that’s part concert film, part blaxploitation joint, and all Sun Ra. Bottom line: for weird movie fans or avant garde jazz geeks, Space Is the Place for at least a one-time visit.

Space is the Place (Special Edition) (+ DVD) [Blu-ray] [1974]
  • Space Is the Place (Blu-Ray & DVD Combo)
  • Space Is the Place
Where to watch Space Is the Place

One thought on “WEIRD VIEW CREW: SPACE IS THE PLACE (1974)”

  1. Nice review, Pete. And I’m glad you included the “I’m not real” scene, because I think it gets to the heart of Sun Ra’s philosophy, hiding underneath the flying saucer stuff. That’s why I think the blaxploitation elements are actually essential, because they highlight Sun Ra’s belief that the Black community has been distracted from their true potential by the promise of baubles and good times. The “oof” is intentional.

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