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FILM FESTIVALS – MidWest Weird Fest (Eu Claire, Wisc., Mar. 3-5):

A relatively new, small three-day offering that’s an offshoot of a sister festival in Australia. We can’t vouch for everything here—a lot of it looks like the usual low-budget sci-fi/horror tide desperately searching for an audience—but there are a couple of films we can recommend as weird.

  • Atmo HorroX – Read our festival review; an indescribable dialogue-free microbudget horror (?) worthy of the tag “” Screens Sun, Mar 5.
  • Bad Black – Tongue-in-cheek Ugandan action/comedy made for about $200. Also Mar. 5.

Midwest Weirdfest official site.


A*P*E* (1976): A 36-foot tall ape (despite the title, it’s not an a*p*e*) falls in love with a blonde actress and destroys Seoul. This King Kong ripoff, rushed out to try to exploit interest in Dino DeLaurentiis’ 1976 Kong movie (which turned out to be a flop itself), often shows up on “worst of all times lists,” and famously includes a shot of the giant monkey giving the audience the finger. Buy A*P*E*.

Doctor Strange (2016): Read Alfred Eaker’s review. This “psychedelic” superhero movie is kinda, sorta weird for a Disney-backed blockbuster, if you squint real hard. Buy Doctor Strange.

We Are the Flesh (2016): Read the List Candidate review! Arrow Films gives this ultra-perverse, early weirdest movie of 2017 contender the deluxe treatment, with multiple interviews and two of the director’s short films included in the package. Buy We Are the Flesh


A*P*E* (1976): See description in DVD above. Will play in 3D, if your player can handle it. Buy A*P*E* [Blu-ray]

Doctor Strange (2016): See description in DVD above. Buy Doctor Strange [Blu-ray].

We Are the Flesh (2016): See description in DVD above. Buy We Are the Flesh [Blu-ray].

What are you looking forward to? If you have any weird movie leads that I have overlooked, feel free to leave them in the COMMENTS section.

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