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Enemy: Jake Gyllenhaal tracks down a man he sees in a movie who looks just like him, with reality-bending results. This psychological thriller from was one of several doppelganger-themed flicks playing film festivals last season (see also The Double with Jesse Eisenberg). Enemy official site.


A Crack Up At The Race Riots (rumored): In 1998 released a book called “A Crack-Up at the Race Riots,” which was essentially a ‘zine-y series of scrapbook entries (including fill-in-the-blank suicide notes and a list of Tupac Shakur’s favorite novels) set in a world where MC Hammer has ignited a race war against the forces of whiteness (led by Vanilla Ice). Apparently, 2013 Weirdest Actor Winner James Franco plans to adapt this supremely unadaptable work into a movie (also featuring his Spring Breakers co-stars “the Atlanta Twins”). Whether this is a serious project or a Shia LaBeouf style prank is anyone’s guess at this point, but Indiewire thought the rumor had enough legs to post about it.

Kung Fury (est. 2014): When the partner of 1980s karate cop Kung Fury is killed by time-traveling assassin Adolph Hitler, Kung decides to go back in time to kill Der Führer, but miscalculates and winds up in Viking times instead. This Kickstarter project missed its $1,000,000 feature film goal, but earned a solid $630,000 towards finishing the 30 minute prototype. It’s supposed to be released for free online when competed. It hardly seems possible to live up to the promise of the trailer. Kung Fury official site (production company Laser Unicorns’ Facebook page should have more up-to-date information).


Iron Sky (Director’s Cut) (2012): We never got around to reviewing this would-be cult film about Nazis on the moon, but maybe this “director’s cut” will give us an excuse to get to it. It’s twenty minutes longer than the previously released cut. Available in a DVD/Blu-ray combo pack only. Buy Iron Sky (Director’s Cut) [Blu-ray/DVD combo].

Thirst (1979): See description in DVD below.


Iron Sky (Director’s Cut) (2012): See description in DVD above.

Shutter Island (2010)/Aviator (2004): Read our review of Shutter Island. A /Leonardo DiCaprio double feature that pairs Marty’s weird-ish psychological thriller with an Oscar-bait yawner. Buy Shutter Island/Aviator [Blu-ray].

Thirst (1979): Read our capsule review. This Blu-ray of the odd Australian film about vampire ranchers lists the same content as Synapse’s 2008 DVD release (which is bundled with the Blu). Buy Thirst [Blu-ray/DVD Combo].


Teenage Tupelo (1995): Before grindhouse rehashes became trendy, an amateur filmmaker named John Michael McCarthy was putting together postmodern pastiches that drew their inspiration from trash culture of the 1930s to early 1960s. This one features lesbian girl gangs, a rockabilly singer who can only hit two notes, graphic “birth of a baby” footage, and a sexploitation star in edible panties. Originally released by Something Weird video, they dropped it because it was too weird. Obviously, it’s intended for adults only. Watch Teenage Tupelo free on YouTube.

What are you looking forward to? If you have any weird movie leads that I have overlooked, feel free to leave them in the COMMENTS section.

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  1. Speaking of John Micheal McCarthy (JMM) – far weirder than TEENAGE TUPELO are THE SORE LOSERS, and SUPERSTARLET A.D.,which Troma acquired – and is sort of a follow-up to TEENAGE TUPELO.

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