A new feature looking at potentially weird films that are currently in theaters, coming to DVD soon or in production. Visit the official sites to see trailers.


Growing Out: There’s not a lot of information or many early reviews about this low-budget independent horror (?) production, but the plot summary states that it’s about a songwriter who develops a strange relationship with a person that begins growing out of his basement floor sounds intriguing.  Growing Out Official Site


9:  A dark, post-apocalyptic animated fantasy.  May be geared towards kids and mass audiences, but it’s produced by Tim Burton (Edward Scissorhands), whose name always makes weird-film fans ears perk up.  9 is a remake of a 2005 Oscar winning short film.  Trailer is available from slashfilm.


Repo: The Genetic Opera (2008):  Announced in the very first Weird Horizon, Repo is already on DVD after its micro theatrical run.  Gory sci-fi musical comedy about a future where organs are bought on the open market, and occasionally have to be repossessed.  Adapted from am underground LA stage play.  Very poorly reviewed.  The initial entry forgot to note the presence of Paris Hilton in the cast; she’s already been nominated for a Worst Supporting Actress Razzie for her performance.    Repo: The Genetic Opera Official Site

Tokyo Gore Police (2008):  By all accounts this is another bizarre and perverse Japanese gore film, in the tradition of Ichi the Killer.  The name is certainly weird enough, but it remains to be seen whether Takashi Miike’s followers can make films with as much style as the master.   Tokyo Gore Police Official Site (Japanese Only)

What are you looking forward to? If you have any weird movie leads that I have overlooked, feel free to leave them in the COMMENTS section.

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