Our weekly look at what’s weird in theaters, on hot-off-the-presses DVDs, and on more distant horizons…

Trailers of new release movies are generally available at the official site links.


The Genital Warriors (2015): A screenwriter in a mental institution pens a postmodern tale about two past girlfriends. The Village Voice called it a “weird, wired story.” We are assuming this is getting a theatrical release in NYC only, so the video on demand release may be your only bet to see it. The Genital Warriors official site.

DVR ALERT – (Turner Classic Movies, Sat, Dec. 19, 2:00 AM EST):

Possession (1981)/Black Moon (1975): Read Pamela DeGraff’s controversial take on Possession and the Certified Weird entry for Black Moon. TCM Underground gets very daring with this psychosexual double feature full of surrealism, unicorn breastfeeding, and octopus sex. Wowsa! Richard Harland Smith warns viewers what’s to come on TCM’s Movie Morlocks blog.

SCREENINGS – (Los Angeles, CA, Cinefamily, Monday, Dec. 21):

Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia (1974): An American piano player collects a Mexican rancher’s south-of-the-border bounty on the titular head, with violent and tragic consequences. This surrealy macho existenial adventure was Sam Peckinpah’s strangest film; critics at the time hated it, except for Roger Ebert, who called it “some kind of bizarre masterpiece.” Followed by a concert from Dylan Carson as part of the ‘family’s “Band & a Movie” series. Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia at Cinefamily.


Bread and Circus (2003): The son of Mother Earth is condemned by the System, and his descendants overthrow their oppressors, or something (the synopsis is confusing). This self-described Norwegian “bloody surreal horror” from 2003 is being dumped on the market this week by “Wild Eye Raw” together with a load of budget gore flicks. Buy Bread And Circus.

A F**kload of Scotch Tape (2011): A musical neo-noir featuring hard drugs, graphic violence and sex, and bad behavior. A last minute stocking stuffer from Wild Eye (not on the “Raw” label). The asterisks are in the original title and stand for “forkload.” Buy A F**kload Of Scotch Tape.


The Dungeonmaster (1984)/Eliminators (1986): Read G. Smalley’s review of The Dungeonmaster. Reject our reality and substitute your own with this campy 80s double feature: the guilty pleasure Dungeonmaster paired with the mandroid/ninja buddy pic Eliminators. Buy The Dungeonmaster/Eliminators [Blu-ray].


Mondo Cane 2 [AKA Mondo Pazzo] (1963): A quickie attempt to cash in on the popularity of the original Mondo Cane, this cynical shockumentary begins with scenes of dog vivisection (as a protest against British censorship of the original) and progresses to survey leftover footage of transvestites, passion plays starring little girls, early attempts at wet t-shirt contests, and other bizarre human behaviors. Watch Mondo Cane 2 free at Snagfilms.

What are you looking forward to? If you have any weird movie leads that I have overlooked, feel free to leave them in the COMMENTS section.

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