It’s Christmas Day, and we’re in the spirit of giving. This year we’re giving the gift every blogger wants—free traffic and backlinks—to (no relation). This site is light on weird Christmas movie content, but hosts a podcast describing weird Christmas traditions around the world (including a survey of Christmas pickles and the skinny on Frau Perchta, Krampus’ eviler cousin who rips out bad children’s guts and replaces them with garbage). There’s also a selection of weird Christmas music, and their specialty: weird Christmas postcards from the Victorian era. We’ve reprinted our favorites below, but if you like them be sure to give a seasonal visit. Then come back to us tomorrow for more weird movie reviews and news.

Weird Christmas postcard

Weird Christmas postcard

Werid Christmas postcard

Weird Christmas postcards

(Weird Christmas site founder Craig Kringle devoted an entire post to analyzing the “frog murder” card)

One thought on “WEIRD CHRISTMAS”

  1. Happy Christmas, one and all.

    If you find yourself with the choice of catching “Cats” or the new “Star Wars” movie today, I advise flipping a coin.

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