We’ve collected all five nominees for 2013′s Weirdest Short of the Year together in one place, for ease of voting.  Just click “continued” for a mini film-festival of weirdness. And be sure to vote for your favorite! (You can cast a vote once every 24 hours). Polls close March 2  at 1:00 PM EST. Last year there was much more voting activity in the feature movie category as opposed to the shorts category, despite the fact that all of the shorts were available for viewing. We suspect that this was because ten films was too many for most people to watching, so this year we have cut down the number of nominees to a more manageable five. You have no excuse not to vote for your favorite! A special thanks goes out to Cameron Jorgensen, 366 Weird Movies under-appreciated shorts Czar, who discovered most of these films through his own research. This year’s lineup includes absurd comedies starring Hollywood actors, animated drug trips, gold-plated gangsters, scary antique puppets, and surreal satirical weirdness. Click below to view all the nominees and vote. Brazzaville Teen-ager (d. Michael Cera)

(This short contains mild profanity and adult situations)

Endtrip (d. Koen de Mol)

(This short contains animated nudity)

Fortunes (d. Greg Barth)

(This short contains profanity)

Hate or Glory (d. Fleur & Glory)

(This short contains adult situations, mild violence and sexuality)

Jagdschloss II (d. Bitkraft)



  1. I’m sorry to say that server problems caused the loss of some recent comments. Yesterday, “Sunspotbaby” had taken us to task for our shorts nominees, and suggested films that they liked better. Unfortunately, of sunspotbaby’s five alternate suggestions, only two were actually 2013 shorts—the others were older shorts that we featured for the first time on this site in 2013, and therefore not eligible for this year’s contest. However I was thrilled to find someone had been paying enough attention to our shorts selections to criticize the nominees!

  2. Oh I do appreciate the shorts! I look forward every Saturday, didn’t mean to sound condescending of your nominations. I realized some were outdated but Next Floor was amazing,disturbing, love it!!
    Thank you and Cameron!!!!

  3. I’d say Fortunes is the weirdest, but it was an extremely close first to Hate or Glory. All of these were solid shorts, with maybe Jadgschloss being the least effective in my md viewing experience. But there’s enough weirdness of all flavors to be enjoyed here.
    Though if I we’re to nominate a more suitable candidate for a Micheal Cera’s burgeoning ability at understated weirdness, I would of choose “Greggory Boom Boom”, a cringe-comedy about a physically stunted boy in a wheelchair who looks for love and to live with his “cool” brother, fails, and then resigns to immolate his flesh in the middle of the desert. It can be found on Micheal’s Jash page, found easily on the hyperlinks in the “Brazzaville”.

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