Last year, for the first time ever, we actually debuted our annual Yearbook before the middle of the following year. (We changed our calendar year to run from November to November—December is usually a light month for weird movies anyway.)

366 Weird Movies 2020 Yearbook (Kindle )This year, we’re keeping pace.  In fact, the Kindle version debuted yesterday, and the print version should be ready in just a few days. If you can’t wait for print, here’s a link to buy our Kindle.

Besides being out on time, we’re continuing the format changes from last year’s edition of the Yearbook, which will hopefully increase the already inestimable pleasure you take from each annual:

  • An advance peek at the top 10 weird movies of 2020, before the year is even over!
  • 70+ reviews of 2020 releases and re-releases, plus coverage of innumerable (that means we didn’t bother to count them, right?) film festival favorites (and less-than-favorites).
  • A new never before published bonus review.
  • Previously unprinted transcript of our interview with Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway writer/director

All profits derived from your kind purchase will go towards paying our hosting costs. As always, any leftover monies will be wasted on our staff’s relentless and desperate pursuit of hedonistic excess. And, since it’s 2020, on toilet paper.

It’s been a crappy year. Buy this and make it just a little less crappy for both of us.


  1. Will be purchasing. The amount of great weird movies i’ve seen is mainly to do with this site, i love it. Just watched The Ninth Configuration yesterday, thought it was great. What shall i watch today……?


  2. Will the physical book be available through like the past years?
    I don’t recognise what film the cover image is taken from this year so guess I’ll have to wait for the book to find out!

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