Every year we promise to get the previous year’s Yearbook out sooner, and every year it ends up debuting sometime in the middle of the following year. We did manage to get it out a few days sooner this time, in May, at least. Longtime readers and collectors have learned to live with these delays. Fortunately, the movies examined herein are still fresh and weird.

As always, the recycled ad copy speaks for itself:

Covering everything weird, from art house surrealism to next-generation cult movies to so-bad-they’re-weird B-movie atrocities, 366 Weird Movies has been meeting all of your weird movie needs since 2009 with a combination of sly humor and serious insight. This is our annual Yearbook covering all the weird movies released and re-released in 2017, from “The Bad Batch” to “We Are the Flesh”, with 35 full-length reviews, extensive capsules and supplemental listings, and exclusive interviews with gore maestro Yoshihiro Nishimura (“Tokyo Gore Police” and the upcoming “Kodoku Meatball Machine”), the director and crew of the genre hit “Lowlife,” and others. If it’s weird, it’s a movie, it’s from 2017, and 366 Weird Movies covered it, you’ll find it here!

You can buy the 366 Weird Movies 2017 Yearbook here. Don’t forget that it’s also available (for a mere $3.49!) in a Kindle version.

All profits derived from your kind purchase will go towards paying our hosting costs. Any leftover monies will be wasted on G. Smalley’s relentless and desperate pursuit of hedonistic excess: an ocean of gin, a parade of cheap floozies, and impulsive weird movie purchases that leave him feeling physically spent, but empty and soulless. Good times!

Next year, let’s aim for an April 2019 release! Even though we say this every year, next year it’s doable!

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