2 thoughts on “SATURDAY SHORT: DON’T EVER CHANGE (2017)”

  1. Very well done for barely 10 minutes long! The premise is crazily surreal: a convicted murderer named Karen who’s served a 45-year sentence but is now free (and still adjusting to all that means) nervously prepares to meet a man who wrote her letters while she was incarcerated. Karen’s anxious energy implies she regrets her violent past, has been rehabilitated, and hopes for a fresh start – who better to profile her than a sympathetic fan? When Jason arrives, Karen’s skeptical and distant daughter stays as her mothers’ backup for as long as she can hold her tongue, then steps out on the porch to make phone calls while she’s interviewed. The 180-degree story flip that happens thereafter is alternately shocking, funny, and chillingly violent. The final shot of Karen hugging her daughter, delighted that she finally called her “Mom” made me laugh out loud! EXCELLENT cast, camera work, and special effects. 5 stars for this truly funny black comedy short!

    1. Thanks so much for the response Stephanie! I’m glad you enjoyed it. We were very fortunate to have an incredible cast and crew! Thanks for watching!

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