With twenty new titles added since the Canon of 366 Weird Movies was finalized, it’s time to reassess things. Following European football’s strategy of relegation and promotion, we’re going to allow you to decide which new movies should enter the Canon, and which ones they’ll replace.

Note: this is totally unofficial, for “official” purposes the Canon will always be the original 366 movies we finalized in 2019. Nevertheless, this List is ontologically feeble: you can choose to ignore the new results, or ignore the previous list in favor of the new one. You can even decide that the”real” List is simultaneously the original as fixed on January 10, 2019, and the new one, which will be fixed some time in the future. All is in flux.

The procedure is as follows. We’ve put up all twenty of the new movies designated as “Apocrypha” since the list of 366 was finalized against the twenty lowest vote getters in our final 2019 poll ranking your favorites of all the original 366 movies.  You may vote (once only) for up to twenty of the movies in the poll below. The twenty movies receiving the highest votes will the become unofficial members of the Canon; the twenty lowest vote getters will be unofficial Apocrypha. In addition, afterwards we’ll take the highest rated movies promoted from Apocrypha and test them against the next lowest ranking movies on the poll, seeing how far they can rise in the overall list and eventually producing a new (again, unofficial) 1-366 ranking. This could take a while, but it begins today. This first round of polling is open for one week until Dec. 27 at midnight. Now vote below! Comments, of course, are welcome.


  1. Pulling big time for “Son of the White Mare,” “The Lighthouse,” “Celine and Julie Go Boating,” and “The Happiness of the Katakuris!”

  2. I voted! There’s nothing wrong in updating the official list to make it a better and stronger list 🙂

  3. Shanks needs more love! I’m guessing the selections that just haven’t been seen don’t have much of a shot, and Shanks is likely one of those.

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