As we suspected, a couple of movies from the 22 groups in the play-in round of our March Mad Movie Madness tournament tied for fifth place (the cut-off to advance to the next round). So, we’ll be having a 24 hour tiebreaking vote for these two sets of movies before advancing the tournament to the next round.

If any of these movies should still be tied by the end of the voting period (noon EST tomorrow, March 8), we’ll break the tie by their original seeding. You may only vote once.

Here are the two play-in overtime matches:

We’re not going to list the results of every one of the 220 movies in the play-in round: you can see the outcome here (keeping in mind that the top 5 vote-getters in each group advanced). We will mention that the top overall movie was Videodrome (voted for 75 times); no other movie got more than 70 votes (Wild at Heart received the next highest number of votes, at 67). The two movies that squeaked in with the smallest number of votes were The Falls and Rubin & Ed. The movie that G. Smalley personally was saddest to see eliminated in the first round was Prospero’s Books. We were encouraged to see the depth of knowledge shown by voters: some pretty obscure movies (1934’s Maniac, 1968’s Goke, Body Snatcher from Hell) made the cut, and people did not simply vote for the most recent and recognizable Hollywood titles (the oldest movie on the list, 1922’s Häxan, won its group handily). Great job, readers! You are probably the most informed group of cult cinephiles on the Net.


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