The disappearance of and the Tubi library from our streaming options means that, unless a free replacement is found, we can only stream movies from subscription sites Netflix, Amazon Prime, or, (technically) Hulu for our watch parties.

Also, since we did not have the opportunity to host an afternoon party, that option is still open. And since we didn’t have a party last week, we could schedule one for next week.

So this week we’re polling to see what we should do. Besides nominating or supporting a movie, we’d also like to hear whether people would like to meet Saturday May 28 (afternoon), Saturday May 28 (evening), Saturday June 4 (afternoon) or Saturday June 4 (evening).

Add your input in the comments, please.


  1. I’d be up for attending a Saturday, May 28th matinée; I’ll nominate Something Amazing once I poke around the streaming duo.

  2. I could probably do an afternoon on the 28th. No suggestions at this time, but I’ll poke around later.

  3. I can unhelpfully do either weekend at either time.
    And I would 100% “put my weight on” Disco Godfather.
    (Not sure if the related Dolemite is My Name is a weird movie, but I found it to be funny and interesting.)

  4. I’d watch Disco Godfather at any time.

    Have you considered a Discord server for watch parties? That might be a viable alternative to Kast.

    1. I’ve used Discord for watch parties before; they probably don’t advertise it for streaming, but anyone can share their screen in order to show a film (from a disc or a streaming site) and it’s nice because the watchers don’t all need to subscribe to the same service (although they may crack down on this soon enough).

    2. Maybe I could look into Discord for Tubi only, since it’s free anyway. I won’t use it to evade subscription requirements, because Netflix and Amazon have been good to the site and I wouldn’t want to damage our relationship. It does look like it may require some technical work to set up and possibly have a higher level of tech difficulties. Anyway next week will use Amazon Prime’s internal system.

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