The March Mad Movie Madness elimination tournament heats up for real! This round will take 32 survivors—better than the top 10% of the original field of 366—and whittle it down to the Strange Sixteen.

Some matches of interest: the classic anime Akira faces the only short left in the field, Un Chien Andalou. Possession vs. Pink Flamingos is the high art/low art clash of the round. And we predict the winner of the Mulholland Drive/The Lobster heavyweight bout can do some real damage in the rest of the tournament.

You can see the results and progress of the tournament here: (note that this link is just for viewing results. You must vote using the forms below.)

You may vote once every 24 hours. This round closes at midnight, EST Apr. 3. (We know the March tourney is going well into April, but we like alliteration too much).

Get to voting below!

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